Ketogenic Diet Tips On A Budget

10 Ways to Rock Your Ketogenic Diet On A Budget


If you’re looking to keep to your ketogenic diet on a budget, these shopping tips are going help you save money. The keto diet can really add up with all the meat and sometimes expensive oils, luckily it is possible to stick to your keto diet and save money.

Follow these money saving keto tips below and remember, always plan out your store trips ahead of time by making a list and sticking to it.  This will prevent you from veering off and making unnecessary, wasteful purchases.

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1.  Buy multiple packs of sale meat and freeze for later.

Meat is by far one of the most expensive items on your store list, but it doesn’t have to be. Many grocery stores will mark down meat a day or two from the expiration date.

Take advantage of this and buy multiple packs, just make sure you freeze it by the expiration date.

Same goes if you see a great sale on meat anytime, don’t stop at one pack, buy a few. Remember, the freezer is your friend!

 Receive cash back at stores you typically shop at just by taking a picture on your phone of your receipt!

This is by far one of most favorite ways of saving money on my keto groceries.     



3. Try some keto crock pot or soup recipes.

Keto slow cooker and soup recipes are great because you can make big batches and get many meals out of it. With many recipes you can freeze leftovers as well.

This post has 50 keto slow cooker recipe ideas for you to try!

4. Only buy fruits and vegetables in season.

Not only will you save money, but your produce will be fresher as well.   tells

5. Try this (free) budget friendly keto meal plan.

So when my fiance and I were super broke, we tried a five day keto meal plan from Keto Connect, which allowed us to eat keto on the cheap.   With this plan you can stick to your keto diet, all while spending roughly $5 a day on groceries (for two people).

Depending on where you shop and live, the prices will vary a bit, but the bottom line is it was very cheap and tasty! No special cooking skills required either, the meals were very simple to make.

6. Do you really need your premade keto shake powder and test strips?

These things might be helpful, but they aren’t completely necessary to be successful on your keto diet.  Most people telling you otherwise are either benefiting by the sale of these products or are selling the products themselves.

These may work great for you and are something you don’t want to give up, and that’s totally fine.  But from a cost stand point, you’ll save more money eating whole foods and listening to your body.

7. Try one meatless dinner a week.

Somehow we all seem to equate keto with high meat consumption and endless amounts of bacon lol.  I know I have before, but the truth is keto is all about the fat, not just protein.

Opt for a meatless meal at least once a week, just be sure to make sure you are getting some fat.  Going meatless just one night a week can really help you save on your groceries.

7. Meat with bones and skin will almost always be cheaper.

Skinless and boneless meat typically will cost more.  Plus, the skin is great on keto because it will give you a little extra fat. Even if you don’t like the skin, you could still purchase it this way and remove the skin to save money.

8. Skip MCT Oil and opt for coconut oil.

Oils can get pricey, but you don’t have to skip oil in your bullet proof coffee.  I would just ditch the MCT oil. Now I know I might get in trouble for this one.  I know how some of you LOVE your MCT oil, I get it.

If you are purely going on price though, coconut oil is a lot cheaper and more available. You can find coconut oil pretty cheap at discount retailers and MCT oil is pricier.

I know we all make sacrifices when saving money, you might love MCT oil way more and want to splurge.  You have to do what fits in your budget and works for you!

9. Stop buying bottled and carbonated water.

Unless the quality of your tap water is really bad, just invest in a reusable water bottle.  Bottled and carbonated water can really add up.

10. If possible try to avoid anything premade and precut food.

Precut produce or cheese and premade meat dishes are going cost you a pretty penny. If you have the time, do your own prep.

Hope you guys enjoyed these money saving tips for eating keto.  Comment below and let me know how you save money on your keto diet!

Bonus Tip

Having a list is a must if you want to stick to your budget…and diet for that matter.  If you have a rule that you will only buy what’s on your list, this should eliminate impulse buying or purchasing foods that are not keto friendly.

Having a list of keto approved foods is really handy when you make your list.  Check out this post to grab your FREE keto diet food list printable PDF.

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