10 Best At Home Workouts For Women (With no equipment!)


If you want to get into shape without leaving your house, these at home workouts for women are a great option.

Best of all, all these home workouts require absolutely no equipment!

That’s right, no expensive workout equipment or weights are required.


All these workouts are 100% free and you can watch them on YouTube.

You should be able to stream YouTube on most smart TVs.

If you don’t have a smart TV, I recommend using an Amazon Firestick to watch YouTube on your TV.

If you aren’t able to watch YouTube on your TV, just workout next to your laptop or computer.


This list of home workouts is divided into two categories. Full-body workouts and targeted area workouts.

You’ll be able to find plenty of home workout ideas from full-body HITT workouts to videos that will tone your butt and arms.

I’ve also included some beginner workouts as well.

All these workouts vary from 8 to 20 minutes.  So if you’re pressed on time, you should be able to fit one of these workouts in.

You could even do multiple workouts if you want to sweat a little bit longer.

Let me know how you liked these workouts or your favorite at-home workouts!!  Comment below.


Best At-Home Workouts For Women With No Equipment

Work out in the comfort of your home without setting foot in a gym.

No workout equipment?  No problem! You’ll get a kick-ass workout with no equipment required!


Full Body Workouts At Home

Whether you are an intermediate or beginner, you’ll be sure to find a workout for your fitness level.


1. Full Body Workout With No Equipment

  • Length: 20 Minutes

From Pamela Reif: WATCH HERE

If you like your workout videos with minimum talking, this one is for you.  This workout has absolutely no talking, just some fun music to listen to while you sweat.


2. Full Body Workout For Beginners

  • Length: 20 Minutes

From Pamela Reif: WATCH HERE

This is a similar video to the last one, except it is beginner-friendly. Pamela uses very simple movements and even gives you a couple breaks.

If certain moves are still too difficult, you could always modify them or do a different move that targets the same body part.


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3. Cardio & Core Workout 

  • Length: 30 Minutes

A strong core is super important in everyday life. It helps reduce your risk of injury and really helps in improving your balance.  Who doesn’t want that?



4. Beginner HIIT Fat Burning Workout

  • Length: 15 Minutes

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training.  Basically you do short little bursts of high-intensity moves, followed by a short recovery period.

By the way, if you’re trying to keep it lower impact, this video has no jumping at all.

From Emi Wong: WATCH HERE


5. Total Body Strength Training Without Weights

  • Length: 23 Minutes

When you think of strength training, most of you probably think of fancy equipment and weights.

This strength training video will help strengthen your entire body with no weights required.  Awesome!

From Joanna Soh Official: WATCH HERE


Targeted Workouts For Women

These workouts target specific areas of the body, versus getting a full-body workout.


Woman doing at home workout of crunches on yellow mat

6. Ab & Booty Workout 

  • Length: 20 Minutes

If you want to tone your abs and get a rocking booty, this video really targets those two areas.

Maddie from MadFit suggests that if you want to make this workout more intense, you can add resistance bands to some moves.

This is only optional though and you’ll get a great workout without them.



7. Quick Arm Toning Workout

  • Length: 8 minutes

Even though there are no weights to be found in this workout, don’t let that fool you.

You will feel the burn in your arms. Bring on the tank top weather!

From Holly Dolke: WATCH HERE


8. Leg, Butt & Thigh Workout

  • Length: 15 minutes

Some moves are done on the ground, so you are going to want to want to do this on carpet or a yoga mat.

This yoga mat is my favorite! It comes in a bunch of colors and is really thick!



9. Back Workout For Women

  • Length: 13 minutes

From Holly Dolke: WATCH HERE

Holly is a super motivating instructor and gives you very clear instructions throughout the workout

Get that toned and sculpted back you always wanted!


10. Awesome Butt Workout 

  • Length: 10 minutes

Getting a nice butt goes so much beyond just doing squats.  Pamela shows you some intense moves to really shape your booty!

From Pamela Reif: WATCH HERE


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