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19 Cheapest Places To Travel to in The World 

Do you want to spend less and travel more? We have you covered with a great list of some of the cheapest places to travel to. 

Finding affordable places to travel to may not be the easiest thing to do. Many places worldwide offer cheap and affordable to your wallet and travel budget, but not all are pleasurable to visit. 

For the price that someone may pay for a fancy dinner in one of your favorite restaurants, you can pay that amount on a whole day’s worth of travel expenses in countries such as Vietnam, Mexico, The Philippines, Indonesia, and Portugal, a few countries. It can cost anywhere from $30-$ 50 a day per person.

Here is a list of unique cheap places to travel to that won’t break your budget. Each country will have many things to do, good food to eat, and affordable living. The more you save, the more you can travel for your next adventure. 

The 19 Cheapest Places to Travel To

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the cheapest destinations in Asia to travel to. There are so many things that make Vietnam a great destination. From the beautiful limestone islands in Halong Bay to the beachside resorts to the lush, great forests and affordable food, Vietnam is well worth the experience. It leaves you with leftover money to explore more countries. 

2. Thailand

Thailand is known for beautiful beaches, islands, and Mango sticky rice. As a destination, it is also known for being very budget-friendly. 

The budget-friendly backpackers come from northern Thailand, where Chiang Mai is located. Dorms can go for $5 a night with a nice hotel room for $20-30. The affordability of food and the kindness of people will keep those travelers wanting to stay indefinitely. 

3. Indonesia

When people think of Indonesia, they think of the islands, Bali, and beautiful beaches. It is true that Indonesia is full of wonderful islands to swim, Scuba Dive, and enjoy life. Bali makes everyone come and visit, but there are other big islands like Java and Lombok that attract people as well. 

The best part of Indonesia is transportation, food, and accommodation affordability. You can save and enjoy life simultaneously, which is a plus for any budget-thinking traveler. 

4. The Philippines

People visit the Philippines for beautiful beaches, fantastic Scuba Diving, and great food. You can think of Cebu, El Nido, and many other islands and places to visit. 

It is just one of the cheapest places to travel to, with affordable accommodations, fantastic food, and inexpensive transportation. Find a spot to visit, and take a flight to this affordable country. 

5. Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the most developed countries in Asia. The country boasts of beauty, from beaches to the lush green mountains. The people bring about hospitality and kindness, and you know you are in one of the safest countries in the world. 

The great thing about a developed country is the affordability of traveling around it. With affordable transportation and meals costing less than a couple of dollars, you can venture and see most of the country on a budget. Accommodations can be found on Airbnb, in hostels, and in local hotels, where prices allow you to stay longer.

6. India

Could India be the cheapest country on this list? India can be very inexpensive. It would help if you learned to haggle, bargain, and find great deals; the cash savings will be plentiful. India is full of fantastic food, sights, and even beautiful beaches. 

Accommodations can save you money from dirt cheap ones that can cost $5 to food off the street that is cheap (beware of Delhi belly). If you book things in person at local tourist offices, you can often find better deals than the ones online. So come and travel to this wonderful country full of culture for cheap.

7. Romania

Known for Dracula, Romania comes on this list as one of the cheapest countries in Europe. It has hostels ranging from $10-15 a night and food that is hearty and good but does not break the bank. 

Public transportation is reliable and affordable and allows you to save so much money. Check out this great country and save. 

8. Georgia

One of the most underrated countries is the Republic of Georgia. Sitting by the Caucasus Mountains, this beautiful European country is starting to thrive. It has affordable transportation that can cost $1 on the mini-busses to restaurants that may cost as little as $3 a meal. There is so much to see and do; each saving you have means more to explore in this underrated country.

9. Albania

Albania is a beautiful country that has yet to see the rise of tourism that you may find in countries like Croatia. With beautiful beaches and old Ottoman cities, it is a great place to travel to that is friendly on your budget. In this untouched country, you learn the history, explore the scenery and save on food and lodging. A meal can cost as low as $2, and a hotel can come in at $10. So check this country out before the wave of tourism brings it closer to many other destinations.

10. Greece

Visiting Greece may sound like an expensive vacation. People talk about how beautiful the country is with its beaches, Ancient Greek ruins, and the beautiful Aegean sea. During the summer, tourists flock to Greece to take advantage of the islands, weather, wine, and food. 

As the off-season comes, prices decrease, with hostels and hotels being very cheap. Food like Gyros can be found everywhere and can save you so much money. As a tip, you can shop for local fresh produce and save money just cooking at your accommodation. 

If you want to enjoy Greece on a budget, remember to visit it in the off-season when prices drop. Visit the less touristy areas, and cook meals by yourself. You will enjoy this beautiful country many people talk about and share photos of. 

11. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is full of Medieval castles, 18th-century architecture, and a thriving culture. The country boasts great culture, with towns such as Cesky Krumlov giving off a local feel. Pilsen gives you some of the best beer, allowing you to understand why beer reins in Central Europe with beer costing less than water. It has never been a better time to visit this wonderful country. 

12. Portugal

Portugal is a place where many expats are heading. What is the appeal of Portugal? You have California weather with budget-friendly prices. Accommodations are cheap, and wine and delicious food flow at great prices. The friendliness of the people, the weather, and fantastic food allow so many people to see this country and will enable them to travel more by saving. 

13. Turkey

Turkey is a country full of culture with many Roman, Ottoman, and Byzantine ruins of ancient civilizations and traditions. It has beautiful Mosques, Bazaars, and tons of fantastic food for a low price. 

If you visit many places in Europe, you will come across local Kebab shops for a low price. Think about going to Turkey. Those same Kebabs would be even cheaper, and they are everywhere. There are so many unique places to see at a low cost. 

14. Mexico

When we think of unique beach living, we tend to think of places like Miami and Hawaii. Now it is time not to overlook Mexico. Sitting right there south of the USA, Mexico is an affordable destination boasting amazing beaches and resorts in The Yucatan, with Cabo, Cancun, and Tulum.

The food and accommodations make Mexico one of the cheapest places to travel. The fantastic thing is travel costs are just so low. People enjoy Mexico so much that they end up living there with minimum expenses. 

15. Guatemala

Guatemala should be on everyone’s list. It is a country full of volcanoes, lush green forests, coffee, and a great climate. They also have sites like Tikal, Lake Atitlan, and the wonderful Semuc Champey.

With so much to see, you would hope this country would be affordable, and it is one of the best affordable countries to travel to. With food as cheap as $1-2 and accommodations ranging from $10-15 at dorms. You can save so much money and see some of the most extraordinary sights in Central America. 

16. Colombia

Colombia, at one point, was known for the drug trade. Now many people know of the beauty of this Latin American country. It sits in the Northern part of South America with Amazon forests, beautiful beaches, and incredible culture of people. The price of goods, accommodation, and food makes it a better place to travel to. With many people traveling the world, Colombia is one country to put down your bucket list. It continues to thrive with tourism dollars coming in. 

So take a trip, experience the culture, swim in the sea, and adventure in the great Amazon forests of Colombia. 

17. Bolivia

Bolivia is a unique landlocked country with high altitude, amazing landscapes, and beautiful forests. In Bolivia, the Uyuni Salt Flats is one destination not to miss. It is the most extensive salt flats in the world, giving spectacular views, images, and a sense of adventure in the salt.

Saving food at local markets, riding on sleeper buses, and checking out cheap hotels or hostels can save you additional funds to take these great adventures around this unique country. Take a journey, and explore the amazingly affordable Bolivia. 

18. Morocco

Morocco is a very affordable country that many people from France, England, and other parts of Europe come to as a place to take a weekend vacation or a few weeks to travel around. With their kind hospitality and the overabundance of mint tea, you will find Morocco a fantastic place to visit. 

As with many destinations, if you stick with hotels, overpriced tours, and pricier food, your vacation may go from a frugal one to an outrageous expense. 

The country provides so much at a small price. Hostels and street vendors offer an array of affordable options around the country. Traveling alone without a tour will help you get a better feel of the country while leaving your wallet untouched. So take a trip to the desert and explore what Morocco offers, from olives, mint tea, beautiful cities, and desert tent outposts.

19. Bosnia- Herzegovina

When people think of Bosnia-Herzegovina, they think of war. Since the war’s end, the country has thrived with a warm attitude and low prices. Bosnia has so much to off, like the medieval City of Mostar. It is an excellent spot where many see the famous Ottoman bridge that connected the Venetians to the Ottoman empire for trade routes during the 16th and 17th centuries. 

The country may not be on everyone’s list, but being so close to Croatia, it offers an affordable hospitable place to visit. If you are budget minded, you love this budget-friendly country. 

Final Thoughts:

Travel does not have to be expensive. With the right tools in your hand and the knowledge of how to live frugally, you can make a trip very affordable. These countries are just a few of the cheapest places to travel to. They won’t break the bank but only allow you to travel more. Take a chance and find a flight so you can travel and see more of the world. 

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