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15 Dollar Tree Grocery Items Reddit Users Say to Always Buy

Redditors are sharing their all-time favorite Dollar Tree grocery items that are incredible bargains.

15 Dollar Tree Grocery Items Reddit Users Say to Always Buy

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Discover what Dollar Tree grocery items are worth buying according to Reddit users.

Next time you go to the dollar store, you’ll know exactly what cheap food items to pick up to help you lower your grocery bill.


Orange Juice in a cup with orange slices on a light background.
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“I always buy juice there. They sell big containers of cranberry juice, cheaper than anywhere else.”


While there are some wonderful deals on juice at Dollar Tree, make sure you compare the price per ounce to ensure you get the best deal.

Campbell’s Soup

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“Their cans of Campbell’s soup are more cost effective than other stores. They are slightly bigger cans and run slightly cheaper by the oz.”


Frozen Digiorno Pizzas

Pizza on a cutting board.
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“Last time I was in one they had frozen DiGiorno pizzas for $5. They are $8 at the regular grocery store.”


If you’re trying to cut down on eating fast food to save money, it’s worth it to grab a $5 frozen pizza to have on hand.

Next time you need something tasty and convenient, you’ll have a cheaper option than spending money on fast food or eating out.

Frozen Veggies

Frozen veggies in a bowl.
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“Sometimes the frozen veggies are the cheapest anywhere in my area.”



White mug of coffee next to a bag of coffee beans.
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“The Cafe El Moro Coffee is amazing.”


Coffee can get expensive and multiple Redditors mentioned how they enjoy Dollar Tree coffee.

It may not be the best coffee in the world, but users mentioned they were happy with it and loved the savings.

Hamburger Helper

Hamburger mac and cheese in a black skillet.
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“Lately the local Dollar Trees have had twin pack boxes of hamburger Helper for $1.25. That’s $1.23 cheaper than Walmart.”


Chocolate Mint Cookies

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“Their chocolate mint cookies are Girls Scout Thin Mints dupes for only $1.25.”


Other Redditors raved about these copycat thin mint cookies. Keep an eye out for them if you’re craving a sweet inexpensive treat.

They taste amazing right out of the freezer, yum!

Maple Sausage

Breakfast sausage on a white plate.
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“My Dollar Tree has some farmer John brand maple sausage it is the greatest sausage I’ve ever had! They sell it at Safeway for $4, I always buy at $1.25 tree.”


Spices & Seasonings

Spices in little bowls and spoons.
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“I always get my spices and chopped garlic there. Spices are normally cheaper than even Goya in the store.”


Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches

Breakfast sandwich with meat and egg on a wood background.
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“One consistent thing I can find is Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches. Always comes out cheaper.”


Skip McDonald’s costly breakfast and make a cheaper frozen breakfast sandwich at home.

Pick up some frozen hashbrowns and you’ll satisfy your McDonald’s craving for way less money.

By the way, Reddit users weren’t thrilled with Dollar Tree hash browns, so you may want to purchase them at Walmart or another grocery store.

Microwavable Burgers

Frozen burgers in plastic wrap on a gray marble background.
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“I don’t know if any one said it yet but I used to work at Dollar Tree and the microwavable hamburgers are surprisingly good.”


Shelf Stable Milk

A glass of milk on a table.
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“Ultra pasteurized milk in quart cartons. Shelf stable and just sitting there on the shelf. I can bring it home and put it in the pantry until I need milk for a recipe.”


Redditors not only recommended shelf-stable dairy milk but also non-dairy milk such as almond and oat.

Certain Frozen Food

Spring rolls with garnish on a white plate.
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“Frozen: 4 pack of Italian ice treats; pepper & onion medley; riced cauliflower; Mexican veg mix (for chili); roll of bulk breakfast sausage; 8-pack spring rolls.”


Other frozen foods Redditors mentioned they enjoyed were burritos, potstickers, and egg rolls.


Uncooked ramen noodles (multiple) on a yellow background.
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“They also sell things like bulk packs of ramen at a decent price, depending on where you are.”


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