Morning Routine

Easy Morning Routine Before Work For People Who Hate Their Jobs


Mornings can be tough, especially for people who hate their jobs. This fifteen minute morning routine is designed specifically for people who wake up with that dread and disdain for starting their day and going to a job they hate.

Since we spend the majority of our day at our jobs, if we hate our jobs, it definitely has the potential to make us unhappy. The good news is practicing a morning routine before work can really change your mindset and set your mood.

You may wonder where you can find fifteen minutes in your morning routine. Prep as much as you can the night before to have a spare fifteen minutes or wake up a tiny bit earlier.

You will find that setting fifteen minutes for the morning routine below can reshape your entire day!

Drink a glass of water BEFORE coffee or tea. (2 minutes)

Morning Routine

When you first wake up your body is dehydrated and what do most people do first thing in the morning? That’s right, chug down their tea or coffee which just makes them even more dehydrated.  Have a glass of water and then drink your coffee or at the very least drink a glass of water with your coffee. Some people prefer lemon water for the cleansing properties, but the most important thing is you are getting H20.

While I put this down as taking two minutes, I know some people may not want to drink water that fast. You may want to drink  your glass of water while you are doing other activities in this routine.

If you start the day off not being dehydrated or overly caffeinated, your are going feel so much better at work.

Say positive affirmations to yourself. (1 minute)

When you are unhappy at work, it’s real easy to wake up and think horrible thoughts about the day or what’s to come.  If you wake up thinking you can’t make it through work, still angry at a work situation that happened the day before, or thinking every worse case scenario in your head about the day; you will stress yourself out in the moment. Not only that, but you are setting yourself up to have an awful day.

Changing your mindset and keeping positive can make a difference. Look, having a positive mindset is not going to make your cruddy work situation go away, but it will  make it more tolerable and help you get through it.

You might have no control of your work situation at the moment, but you have control over how you can deal with it and that’s HUGE!  So practice for one minute saying positive affirmations to yourself.

This can be out loud or in your head.  Don’t worry about looking dorky (because you will haha), if this works for you it doesn’t matter how stupid you look.

So here’s a couple of positive affirmations to get you started and try thinking of a couple on your own as well:

  • I’m going have a great day.
  • While I may hate my job, at least I have a job.
  • This is temporary, I’m going find something better.
  • No matter what people say at work, I have skills and talent. I know my worth.
  • I am going to work to help contribute to the household or for my child X to have a better life.

A couple things might happen when you say these affirmations.  You may have the crappiest day imaginable, but if saying these affirmations helped ease your anxiety of going to work in the morning, than I think the one minute you spent doing this is worth it.

Another thing that may happen is your job is just as crappy as it was yesterday, but you were able to change your mindset and not let it bug you as much, which is a big win!

Write down in a notebook or in the notes of your phone a couple things you’re thankful for. (1 minute)

Morning Routine

Jot down a few things you are thankful for, either in a notebook or on your phone.  When you are feeling bad at work glance at what you wrote down or typed on your phone.  Remind yourself that even if your work situation stinks, you do have things to be thankful for.

Take the time to stretch. (1 minute)

Morning Routine

If your job is constantly stressing you out, you need a way to release that stress or you are going have some problems.  Stretching even if it is just for two minutes will help you relax and ease your tension.

Get up and move around. (4 minutes)

We all feel better when we move more.  Do something for four minutes that doesn’t involve you sitting down.   Walk in place, do leg lifts, jumping jacks, whatever…just move your body.  Four minutes is nothing, it will go by fast and just give you a little adrenaline boost that’ll help you through the day.

Practice deep breathing or meditate. (1 minute)

Morning Routine

Again, this part of the routine is just another stress buster that is going make you feel better starting your day. Youtube has tons of deep breathing or meditation exercises.  Just do this for a minute (or more if you have time).

If you ever feel like you’re at a breaking point at work or feeling down, honestly go to the bathroom and practice deep breathing for a minute.  There is a lot of power in breathing and it can definitely ease your mind and help you stay calm.

Bonus Idea (10 minutes)

If you have ten extra minutes to spare try doing something you love for ten minutes.  This can be reading, walking around your neighborhood, playing with your kids (or pets), coloring, etc.  For ten minutes do something that brings you pure joy that you love.

Starting off your day doing something you choose to do that you love is going make you feel happy. You might bring a little bit of this happiness with you to work (hopefully).

No matter how your day unfolds,  you had that ten minutes in the morning of hapiness doing something you like and enjoy.  So many times we do things we love AFTER work, but how about doing them BEFORE work to try to boost our moods?


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