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10 Genius DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

Whatever your wrapping skill level may be, these gift wrapping hacks are super easy and will save you time and money during the holiday season! From making your own gift bags to free downloadable gift boxes and tags, you will sure to have some fun with these creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Now I don’t normally brag about much, but I consider myself an awesome gift wrapper and have used a lot of these great hacks!  Before we get into these awesome gift wrapping hacks, I wanted to share some gift wrapping tips of my own.

1. Color code or pick a theme for your gifts!

If you have a ton of people to buy for and different sides of the family, it can get a little crazy to keep track of what presents need to go where.  Pick a theme or color to wrap all your gifts for each group of people.  For example, this year I am wrapping all friend gifts in shades of red, dad’s side of the family in shades of green, fiance’s family in snowman wrap, etc.

2. If you want to save money purchase all or some of your gift wrap at the Dollar Store. 

I buy  tissue, gift bags, tags, and toppers at the Dollar Store. Why pay $5 (or more) for a gift bag when I can pay $1, no one can tell anyway! Personally I don’t really care for their wrapping paper because I’ve found it’s too thin and rips easily, although you may find their wrap works just fine for you.

3.  Now this tip won’t help for this year, but to save the most money on gift wrap ALWAYS buy after Christmas.

Many times I get up to 70% off my wrap after Christmas and stockpile it for next year!  You can score some really high quality wrapping supplies for cheap. I try to wait a little while after Christmas because the sales get better, although you do risk not having as big of a selection.

4. Pinch the edges of your entire wrapped box.

This is a little trick I picked up while wrapping gifts in my former retail life and found it makes gifts look polished every time. Just pinch along the edges of your entire gift and repeat a couple times to make the edges look really clean.  This works well for items wrapped in gift boxes or that have a hard edge (like books), not for things like stuffed animals or blankets. Here’s a little guide below for you guys.

5. If all else fails, just grab a gift bag. 

Really the holidays are crazy enough, the last thing you should stress out about is gift wrap.  If you are like me and enjoy the act of gift wrapping then wrap your heart out! For those of you that find wrapping is a source of frustration, just grab a cute bag and tissue!

And now for some awesome gift wrapping hacks!

Be sure to check out the blogs where these gift wrapping ideas are from, they will give you very detailed instructions.  Happy wrapping!

1. Make your own gift bags out of wrapping paper.

(See tutorial from Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body)

Great for oddly shaped gifts that don’t fit nicely into gift bags! She shows you step by step how to create these bags and better yet even gives you a video tutorial!

2. Paint your ribbon and bows onto your gift wrap.

(See tutorial from Cakies)

This one is for you guys who struggle trying to make the perfect bow. Rubyellen will show you how to cleverly  paint the perfect bow onto your box!  I love the simplicity of this, don’t you?

3. Repurpose containers to package cookies or other small items. (See tutorial from A Baker’s House)

These Pringle cans got a festive makeover and are perfect to gift cookies! Find out exactly how she made this fun craft! She gives you some other Pringle can decorating ideas to give you even more inspiration.

4. Create accordion-style pleats to jazz up plain wrapping paper. 

This hack is so fun and easy! This tutorial from Birchbox will show you how to create fun pleats on your package!  Such a unique idea!

5. Decorate plain boxes with washi tape. 

Super easy, this is one of my favorite ways to dress up basic boxes. Works especially well for presents that need to be shipped  in the mail because you don’t have to worry about bows getting flattened.

Here’s a cute washi tape wrapping idea from HGTV by Michelle Edgemont!

6. Stitch paper together with colorful thread to create unique packaging!

(Tutorial from BRIT + CO)

Love this creative tape free hack! This is so cute, it looks like it would be hard, but trust me it is super easy!  Brit + Co gives you the best directions and don’t forget to check out all her other amazing holiday ideas! 

7. Make your own gift boxes using these FREE printable box templates. Decorate them for any occasion!

Miss Printables has an awesome freebie for you guys, seven different size box templates available to download for FREE! (Via Miss Printables)

8. Use unexpected materials for package toppers.

Check out these DIY star gift toppers made out of straws! Your friends and family will definitely be impressed with your creativity! (Via Splash Of Something)

9. Save money and make your own Santa gift tags using soda can tabs!

These tags add instant cuteness to any package! (Via Crafty Morning)

10. You can also print your own free gift tags at home. 

Below are a couple of my favorite FREE printable gift tags that I found for you guys! If you don’t like these there are tons of free options on Pinterest!

Free Printable Tags From Dreams Factory

Free Printable Tags From Yellow Bliss Road

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