Letter to Santa template in a white frame with green Christmas trees and reindeer next to the frame on a white brick background.

5 Letter To Santa Templates (Free Printables)


Ready to make Christmas extra magical for your kids this year? We’ve got something special for you—free printable letter to Santa templates!

Plus, at the end of the post, we’ve included how to send a letter to Santa and get a response back with a North Pole postmark!

Your kids will be so excited to get a letter back from Santa Claus himself.

Free Letter To Santa Templates

These adorable free letter to Santa printables have plenty of space for your little one to jot down what Christmas gifts they want this year.

There’s a place for your child to fill in their name and age, plus they can check off if they’ve been naughty or nice.

Letter To Santa Printable

Below are five free printable Santa letter templates. They each have a different border and holiday stamp in the corner.

1. Buffalo Plaid Santa Letter

Letter to Santa printable red and black plaid with a north pole mail stamp and fill in the blanks to enter a wish list.

Download or print PDF: Template 1

2. Festive Plaid Letter To Santa Template

Santa letter printable with green and red Christmas plaid border, santa mail stamp in corner. Letter reads: Dear Santa. Hi My name is: I am fill in the blank years old. This year I've been naughty nice both. For Christmas I really want. Thanks so much Santa

Download or print PDF: Template 2

3. Red Snowflake Letter To Santa Printable

Santa Claus Letter template with red snowflake border and North Pole post stamp.

Download or Print PDF: Template 3

4. Christmas Plaid Santa Letter

Letter to Santa printable template with a red, green and white plaid border.

Download or Print PDF: Template 4

5. Green Snowflake Santa Claus Letter

Letter to Santa Claus template with a green snowflake border and stamp with Christmas trees in the corner that says "North Pole Mail"

Download or Print PDF: Template 5

What To Do With Your Kid’s Letter To Santa

After your kids finish writing their letters to Santa, you have a couple of options.

You can keep it as a precious memento to look back on for years to come.

You can also have your kids send it to the North Pole to receive a response from Santa, complete with a North Pole postmark.

Here’s a little secret: The letter from Santa they’ll get back in the mail will be written from you. But they’ll never know!

If you want, make two copies of your child’s letter to Santa Claus. That way, you can keep one and send the other to Santa.

All the details for mailing it to Santa are below.

How To Send A Letter To Santa (USPS Directions)

Let’s go over how you can send your child’s letter to the North Pole to get a response from Santa Claus.

These directions are for the United States only, and the letter will be sent through USPS.

Make sure you send the letter from November 23rd through December 1st. The earlier, the better!

Step 1

Have your kids write a letter to Santa using the free printables in this post.

Step 2

Write a reply letter to your child and sign it “From Santa” for that extra touch of magic.

Remember to change your handwriting so they don’t recognize it. You can always type it, too.

Step 3 

Now put both letters in an envelope and address it to your kiddo.

For the return address in the left-hand corner of the letter, write “Santa” on the first line and “North Pole” on the second line.

Don’t forget to add a forever or first-class mail stamp to the envelope. 

Step 4 

Finally, take the addressed envelope to your child and put it in a bigger envelope. 

Make sure you put the correct postage on it since it’s a larger envelope. To send the letter to Santa, Rudolph, and the elves, mail it to:

North Pole Postmark


4141 Postmark Dr.

Anchorage, AK


For more info about sending letters to Santa, check out USPS. 

Letter To Santa Claus – Final Thoughts

We hope this letter to Santa printable template brings loads of joy and fun to your family’s Christmas season. 

It’s a fun way to keep your kids busy and a great way to see what’s on their Christmas list.

So, grab some pens or markers, make some hot cocoa, and have your little ones start writing to Santa. What will your kids put on their wish list this year?

Remember, you’ll want to mail the dear Santa letters as early as possible to get a response in time.

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