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20 Aldi Items That Frugal Reddit Users Always Buy

Aldi shoppers share what items they frequently purchase to save money every month on groceries.

20 Aldi Items That Frugal Reddit Users Always Buy

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Want to know what budget-friendly grocery items to pick up the next time you’re at Aldi?

Frugal Reddit users reveal Aldi items that always end up in their shopping carts.


Chocolate bar in a gold wrapper on a dark background.
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“Chocolate, including fair trade chocolate, is also really cheap.”


Here’s a price comparison that showcases how much cheaper Aldi’s chocolate is.

  • Aldi’s brand Choceur dark chocolate bar, 5.29 oz, $1.45,
  • Lindt dark chocolate bar, 3.5 oz, $3.37 (sold at Walmart)

For less money, you can get a bigger chocolate bar at Aldi than at Walmart.

Canned Food

Various canned food.
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“My neighborhood grocery store has canned vegetables, sauces, and especially beans a lot more expensive than they used to be. Aldi still comes in under $1 for most canned goods.”


Aldi’s Millville Cereal

Cereal in a white bowl.
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“Breakfast cereal – Honey Bunches of Oats is now a shockingly thin 2-bowl box for like $7 freakin’ dollars; the Millville copycat is still under $2.50 and twice the size, easily.”


Aldi’s brand Millville makes generic versions of your favorite name-brand cereal at much cheaper prices.

Store Brand Snacks

Various snacks in bowls.
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“We’ve basically catered our entires shopping around Aldis. For us that means we’ve tried just about all their store brand snacks – and their really good!”

They also said, “They have fun seasonal snacks too that keep it exciting.”


According to Aldi, 90% of their items are Aldi exclusive brands. These store-brand items are going to be much cheaper than the name-brand.

Always opt for Aldi’s brands when possible for the biggest savings.

Speciality & Regular Cheese

Round block of cheese on a wooden table.
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“Goat cheese is $2. Usually $5 at other stores for similar packages. All their specialty cheese is pretty cheap.”


Not only is specialty cheese like brie cheaper at Aldi, but Redditors also mentioned their other cheese offerings were cheaper than other grocery stores.

Pantry Staples

Pantry stapes in jars in the pantry.
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“Pantry staples like oil and flour are usually a good price.”


Protein Bars

Protein bars on a yellow background.
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“Their protein bars are so much less expensive and taste better than most I’ve tried from the more expensive grocery stores.”



Coffee in a red cup on a red plate.
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“The coffee is actually very good.”


Copycat Girl Scout Cookies

Copycat girl scout cookies on a white background.
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“If you like Girl Scout cookies, their versions are great and WAY cheaper.”


Benton’s, an Aldi exclusive brand, has many Girl Scout cookie dupes that Reddit users rave about.

Canned Tuna

Canned tuna on a colorful background.
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“The canned tuna is always the cheapest in town.”



Berries in a purple bowl.
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“Produce is pretty much all we buy there, it’s like half what the regular store charges.”



Wine bottles lined up on a dark background.
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“The $3 wine you can’t complain, great for cooking and non-company wine.”



Two cartons of eggs held in somebody's hands.
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“Mainly eggs. I almost always find them to be cheaper than other stores.”


Various Organic Food

Various organic groceries on a wooden table.
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“Organic options! We may be frugal but we don’t sacrifice quality of food/health. Often times the organic food at Aldi will be cheaper than the non organic food elsewhere.”



Olives in a bowl on a wooden table.
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“The Kalamata olives are like $3 less than the grocery.”


Pizza Dough

Pizza dough on a wooden table with sauce.
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u/thepeacefulpurl who feeds a family of six said, “I love their pizza dough. It is so handy to keep in the freezer with some mozzarella and leftover meat for lazy day pizza.”

Aldi also has a good selection of take-and-bake pizzas, which Reddit users frequently bought.

Meat & Seafood (Sometimes)

Meat packages on a dark background.
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“I look for deals on their meats and seafood. In my area, their seafood is the lowest price available.”


Some Reddit users always shop for meat at Aldi because it’s priced reasonably and is high quality.

However, some people mentioned that meat quality can vary from store to store and expressed that some locations did not have the best meat department.

It’s worth it to check out your local Aldi’s meat to judge for yourself since some Redditors loved the meat selection while others disliked the quality.

Tofu & Plant-Based Meat

Tofu on a white plate.
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“The tofu at my Aldi is fully a dollar cheaper than at other grocery stores. And the veggie ‘chikn’ nugs are amazing.”


Energy Drinks

Energy drinks in colorful cans.
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I buy my husband the knockoff black and green label energy drinks! He says they taste just like Monster. They’re also very cheap!”


Gluten-Free Food

A sign that says gluten free with bread in the background.
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“When my kid was GF* it was the cheapest place for GF* products hands down.” (GF: Gluten Free)


Gluten-free products can be quite expensive at other stores, many Redditors said Aldi was their go-to store for gluten-free pasta, bread, snacks, and other items.

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