Mason jar filled with candy with bow next to a mason jar with lid off showing cash inside

Clever Money Gift Idea

Don’t feel like handing someone a card with cash?  Do you want a more creative way to gift money?

If so, then you’re going to love this clever DIY hidden money jar Christmas gift!

Your recipient will just think they are just getting a mason jar full of candy until they take the lid off…


There’s actually cash inside! Woohoo!

Now that’s the sort of surprises everyone loves!

DIY Clever Money Gift Idea

This holiday gift is a unique way to give money.  These make perfect gifts for women, men and kids (who are old enough). It’s just a fun way to give cash! 

From the outside, it just looks like a jar of candy…

Mason jar with candy and ribbon wrapped around it

Then, your recipient will take the lid off and find hidden money!! Score!

Jar with candy and bow around it with money on top & no lid

Supplies For Hidden Money Christmas Gifts

  • Mason Jar
  • Small Paper Cup (I got mine at the Dollar Store.)
  • Candy (I used peanut M&M’s.)
  • Cash
  • Ribbon (You want wider ribbon to be able to cover up the cup.)

Note on the cups: The paper cups are very small (only 1.5 inches tall) and fit perfectly in the mason jars.  I’ve seen these paper cups referred to as souffle cups. Many times they’re used for condiments and sauces.

Directions For Surprise Holiday Money Gift Idea

First, take the lid off your mason jar. Put your cup in the har.

Visually notice where the bottom of the cup is on the jar. You are only going to fill the candy up to this level.  You can make a little mark with a permanent marker if you’d like.

Fill your jar up with candy, but only to where the bottom of the cup would be.

If you put your cup on top of the candy and it is sticking out too much to shut the lid, just take some candy out.

Once you get your candy at the right level and stick your cup inside, put on the lid. Since I didn’t want the cup to show through the glass jar, I simply tied a big ribbon around it to hide it.

Your recipient is going to be super surprised when they open their jar of candy!

Do you have any creative ways you gift money??  Comment below. 💰

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