Dollar Store spa gifts

3 Cheap Spa Dollar Store Gifts Under $10

You won’t believe how inexpensive these Dollar Store gifts are to throw together. 

You can give these Dollar Tree spa gifts for almost any occasion or holiday.  It’s a great gift idea for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc.

Even if you aren’t giving this to someone as a gift, you can make it for yourself to have a cheap at-home spa day!

Cheap Spa Dollar Store Gifts

Dollar Store Spa Gift Collage
Photo Credit: Savvy Honey

These DIY Dollar Store spa gifts are the perfect gift for people who need a little pampering. Plus, they only cost $10 to make and are super easy to throw together.

Dollar Tree Spa Day At Home Gift Basket

Dollar Store Spa Gift Basket
Photo Credit: Savvy Honey

Cost: $10

All the goodies in the gift basket were purchased at the Dollar Tree. Instead of using a regular basket, I opted for a plastic caddy.


  • Lotion, body scrub & shower gel
  • 2 Bath Bombs (They were sold together.)
  • Candle
  • Eye mask
  • Fluffy Socks
  • Mesh Bath Sponge
  • Plastic Caddy
  • Ribbon
  • Starburst Candy

Helpful Tips

Remember, you can really customize this gift basket to the person you are giving it to. If they don’t take baths, go for more shower essentials.

For a cohesive basket, try to stick to a color scheme. 

Dollar Store Spa Goodies In A Vase 

Spa gift items in a vase.
Photo Credit: Savvy Honey

Cost: $4

Instead of having a big gift basket, you could give a few items in a glass vase.  It looks pretty, and the recipient could reuse the vase.


  • Tall Glass Vase
  • Mesh Shower Sponge
  • Star Bath Bomb
  • Lotion
  • Ribbon

Directions: Put a shower mesh sponge at the bottom of the vase.  You may need to squish it down a little bit.  Then add a lotion and bath bomb.

I tied a bow around the lotion.  You could also tie a big bow around the vase if you like.

Easy & Cozy Sock Spa Gift

Lotion with socks around it secured with a ribbon
Photo Credit: Savvy Honey

Cost: $2

These are incredibly cheap and easy to make.


  • Cozy Socks
  • Body Scrub, Lotion, or Shower Gel

Directions: Wrap a pair of comfy socks around a body scrub and wrap it with ribbon. You could also use lotion, shower gel, bubble bath, etc.

Bonus Idea: Spa & Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift basket
Photo Credit: Savvy Honey

This basket is not made using dollar store items, but I wanted to include it as inspiration to make your own dollar store version.

Everything can easily be swapped out for dollar store finds.

(Here are all the details for the wine gift basket pictured, just in case you’re interested.)

Dollar Store Supplies

Here’s what you need to make a dollar store version of this wine gift basket.

  • Basket
  • Bath Salts or Any Spa Products
  • Chocolate
  • Cute Napkins
  • Wine Tumbler or Wine Glass
  • Wine*

* Select dollar stores sell wine. If your local store doesn’t, you could always get a cheap bottle of wine somewhere else.

Mini bottles of wine are $4 and under at grocery stores and retailers.

To make it non-alcoholic, you could swap out the wine tumbler or wine glass for a regular tumbler. You could also include sparkling water or juice.

Or skip the drink and add more spa products or chocolate.

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