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16 Dollar Tree Kitchen Items Reddit Users Swear by to Save Money

Reddit users share their favorite Dollar Tree kitchen items that are worth buying.

16 Dollar Tree Kitchen Items to Always Buy, According to Reddit Users

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Find out the best kitchen items to buy at the Dollar Tree that’ll save you money.  

Whether you need to stock your kitchen after a move or replace some worn-out items, here are the top Dollar Tree kitchen buys from Reddit users.

Kitchen Utensils

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“I bought a few silicone whisks, which are great and not $14.”


Reddit user caffeinejunkie123 mentioned, “I buy bamboo utensils which are just as good as elsewhere.” 

Popular picks from Reddit were the bright red silicone McCormick and Betty Crocker kitchen utensils.

Also, if you’re able to find any name-brand stainless steel utensils, they’re also a solid choice.

Potato Peelers

Metal potato peeler with potatoes on a white background.
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“Potato peelers. You can’t sharpen the blades so you have to replace the whole thing periodically anyway. Might as well get inexpensive ones.”


Ceramic Dishes

White ceramic dishes on a table.
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“The plain white ceramic dishes/bowls are a good deal, and will last as long as any others.”


“I couldn’t believe it when in the ‘dish aisle’ I saw squarish, white dishes, just like Crate & Barrel. No one would believe I paid a dollar each, at the time, for them. I got six.”


Cotton Kitchen Towels

White and grey towels on a grey background.
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“100% cotton kitchen towels for general cleaning. The kitchen towels were $4 cheaper overall than the pack of paper towels I buy every month.”


Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers filled with different foods.
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“Storage containers! I found these half gallon containers there. I have my dried beans in them.”


Parchment Paper

Parchment paper on a baking sheet.
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“Parchment Paper – I don’t need a lot of PP at any given time, so a small roll will last me a year. Not bad for five quarters!” (PP refers to parchment paper)


Cutting Boards

Blue cutting board on a wooden table.
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“Cutting boards. (I have a small cutting board from DT that I’ve been using for more than 5 years).”


Kitchen Organizing Supplies

Tubs and containers on shelves.
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Reddit user u/kaismama has kids, so having a ton of snacks on hand is a must, “I used their folder organizers for my snack corner.”

Also, there are many DIY Dollar store organizing ideas on Pinterest to make your own kitchen organizers using Dollar Tree products. 

Silicone Muffin Liners

Multi-colored muffin liners stacked on a table.
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“They have silicon muffin tin liners that are just the bees knees. Not a crumb sticks, and perfect for mini cheesecakes or baked eggs.”


Kitchen Gadgets

An avocado slicer with a sliced avocado on a wooden table.
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“Kitchen gadgets. I absolutely love the avocado slicer from $tree.”


Splatter Screen

Splatter screen and a skillet on a stovetop.
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“I bought a splatter screen there thats lasted forever.”


Glassware and Drinkware

Glasses of water on a wooden table.
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Reddit user u/empathetic_witch has been purchasing glasses at Dollar Tree for a long time.

They said to keep an eye out for, “Pint, stemless wine, high ball etc. They have open stock Libby and other well known brands.”

Other top choices people mentioned were ceramic coffee mugs and all different drinking glasses.

Measuring Cups

Red measuring cups on a wooden table.
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“Measuring cups. Test using something reasonably accurate, but then buy a dozen sets.”

They also mentioned, “You can leave them in containers. I keep a one cup measure in the flour, sugar, and rice. Half cup in oatmeal and barley and lentils, because those are the quantities I use.”


Foil Pans

Foil pan filled with a cheesy casserole on a wood background.
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“I told my wife just yesterday that every time she goes to the dollar store, that she has to pick up a few foil pans no matter what. We’ll never have too many.”


Seasonal Plates

Red and white striped plates with a chocolate donut.
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“I really like the Dollar Store for fun seasonal plates.”


This is an excellent idea because you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a plate you use once a year.

Plus, if you take a dish to a holiday gathering, you might not get it back, so getting a cute $1.25 plate beats buying one for $10 or more.

Kitchen Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies on a brown background
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“Check out their cleaning products, some of them are ultra concentrated. I buy a Lysol kitchen concentrate that lasts me forever.”


Other cleaning supplies mentioned to grab at the Dollar Tree included sponges, green scrubbers, kitchen rags, and Mr. Clean magic erasers.

Now that we’ve heard from Reddit users about their favorite Dollar Tree kitchen finds

Do you have any Dollar Tree kitchen buys that you have loved (or hated) from the Dollar Tree?

Comment so everyone can get even more Dollar Tree ideas!

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