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Top 10 Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

Want to know the best things to buy at Dollar Tree? Be sure to keep these top ten dollar store picks in mind the next time you go shopping.

Top 10 Things You Should Always Buy at Dollar Tree

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While Dollar Tree has raised its prices in the past couple of years, there are still plenty of Dollar Tree items worth buying.

Be sure to share in the comments your favorite Dollar Tree buys so everyone can get more ideas.

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets in multiple colors.
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Dollar Tree carries a wide variety of storage baskets and caddies that are perfect for organizing items.

Many of the baskets are $1.25, and some bigger ones are $3 and up, which is still much cheaper than shopping at places like the Container Store.

The Dollar Tree is still the best place to shop if you have a big organizing project, such as reorganizing your pantry, and need many small baskets.

They also have a good selection of wicker baskets as well.

Gift Bags and Tissue Paper

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You can’t beat a $1.25 gift bag and some gift bags are sold in a pack of 3 for $1.25. The tissue paper packs are also a steal compared to other stores.

While they carry some pretty cute gift bags, you could always opt for the plain Kraft paper gift bags and decorate them yourself.

Just so you get a price comparison, the other day I got a gift bag at Target for $6 and tissue paper for $3.50 (before tax). Instead of spending $9.50 I could have spent $2.50 at the Dollar Tree.

That’s a huge amount of savings, especially if you add up how many gifts you give a year.


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Dollar tree has a wonderful selection of basic and fun mugs. Also, if you’re feeling crafty, there’s some easy DIY mug decorating ideas on Pinterest.

Another great thing about cheap mugs is they make easy gifts. Here are some super inexpensive Dollar Tree mug Christmas gifts I put together to give you some ideas.


Two vases with white flowers.
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Whether you need vases for your home or to gift flowers to people, Dollar Tree is my go-to place for cheap vases.

Why pay $10 or more for a vase that practically looks the same at Dollar Tree?

Greeting Cards

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One thing that has gotten so expensive in the past couple of years is greeting cards. Some greeting cards are $8 or more, which adds up over time.

An excellent money-saving tip is to buy a bunch of greeting cards all at once, especially for occasions like birthdays.

That way when you need a card you have one, and you won’t have to buy a more expensive card out of convenience because you’re not close to the dollar store.

Car Washing Supplies

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Car washing supplies can get expensive fast but Dollar Tree has some good buys. They carry some good name brands like Armor All.

Even though the price has gone up to $5 on some Armor All products, it’s still the cheapest price I’ve seen for this brand.

The car washing sponges and microfiber towels are also worth stocking up on.

Seasonal Decorations

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Some people sleep on the seasonal decor at Dollar Tree or think everything they carry would be ugly (without ever shopping there).

But this is further from the case and it really depends on how you style the dollar store decor.

If you go on Pinterest, there are many Dollar Tree decorating ideas, from people decorating Christmas trees with only Dollar Tree items to DIY Easter centerpieces.

Many of these projects don’t look cheap either, they look quite high-end.

Reusable Totes

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Dollar Tree carries reusable totes and bags in cute patterns and solid colors.

I’ve often spent up to $10 on reusable bags, and have always been disappointed with the quality. Why spend more when you can pick one up at the Dollar Tree for $1.25?

Plus, if you lose them (which many people do), it’s not a big deal because they’re only around a dollar.

Mason Jars

Several mason jars.
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Mason jars have so many uses. You can use them for canning, as drinking glasses, for craft projects, and for making food gifts.

Dollar Tree’s off-brand mason jars are much cheaper than other name-brand jars.

Party Favors

Various party favors.
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Next time you’re throwing your child a birthday party, check out Dollar Tree for budget-friendly party favors.

They have cute decorative tins and character-themed cups (Disney, Star Wars, etc.) that are perfect to fill with candy or small toys.

If you need to make favors for a wedding or baby shower, there are tons of Dollar Tree ideas on Pinterest.

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