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21 Items to Always Buy at the Dollar Tree (According to Reddit Users)

From the expected to the surprising, Redditors are sharing things they always buy at the Dollar Tree to save money.

21 Items to Always Buy at the Dollar Tree (According to Reddit Users)

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Want to know the best items worth buying at the Dollar Tree? Reddit users are sharing all their top money-saving picks.

So the next time you’re at the dollar store, you’ll know exactly what to stock up on to make your wallet happy.

Organizing Supplies

Tubs and containers on shelves.
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“I love all the organizing baskets and trays!”


You can also make organizers using Dollar Tree items; there are lots of DIY dollar store organizing ideas on Pinterest.

Gardening Supplies

A pot of flowers on a wooden table.
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“The large stacking planters (great for herbs and flowers, okay for strawberries), the Jobe’s plant fertilizer stakes, the green plant clips, and some of the sturdier pots.”


Another great find Reddit users mentioned was seed packets.

Shelf Stable Milk

A glass of milk on a table.
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“I like their shelf stable quarts of regular milk. Mine also sells oat and almond milk.”



A 12 month calendar.
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“Calendars. $1.25 instead of $20!”


Redditors mention both wall hanging and desk calendars are a good deal.

Padded Shipping Envelopes

Padded yellow shipping envelopes.
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“Padded shipping envelopes for the occasional item I need to send out. Haven’t had anyone complain that the envelope didn’t work.”


This Reddit user also mentioned they purchased regular mailing envelopes, specifically the security ones.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes with swatches on a wooden table.
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“Dollar Tree paintbrushes (in the hardware aisle; not art brushes) are excellent. I honestly think they are the same as Home Depot. They even have the smaller slant tip trim and sash brushes. 10/10 recommend.”


Party Supplies

Party plates and cups on a colorful table cloth.
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“Party decor and supplies! Why spend $100 at Party City when you can get the same stuff for $15 or so at DT.” (DT is Dollar Tree)


Pregnancy Tests

A women's hand holding up a pregnancy test.
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“Pregnancy tests for the win!!!”


You may be surprised to see that pregnancy tests are on this list. According to Healthline, dollar store pregnancy tests should be accurate since the FDA regulates them.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper on a baking sheet.
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“I came here to suggest the parchment paper. The boxes of pre-cut sheets are a great value.”


Craft Supplies

Balls of yarn piled on eachother.
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“Some dollar trees have very large and I mean large craft sections with things like ribbon, fat quarters of fabric, yarn, etc that at a large craft store is easily 3-4x the price.”


Spices & Seasonings

Spices in little bowls and spoons.
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“I like to get some spices like salt, peppercorns, garlic powder, whatever they have. I find they are always overpriced in the supermarket.”


Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies on a brown background
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“I know at Dollar Tree they have pretty good cleaning supplies. They just brought in new mops and brooms with changeable heads that are pretty durable. Spray bottles if you don’t mind plastic ones.”


One Reddit user mentioned that the toilet brush they bought broke, but the quality probably varies at each dollar store location.


Tooth paste being applied to a toothbrush over a sink.
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“The sensitive toothpaste has exactly the same ingredients (I’ve compared them) with Sensodyne, for the same amount. A quarter of the cost!”



Glasses of water on a wooden table.
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“I’ve purchased all of our glassware from Dollar Tree for almost a decade. Pint, stemless wine, high ball etc. They have open stock Libby and other well known brands.”


Laundry Baskets

A woman holding a laundry basket full of laundry.
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“I used to get their round plastic laundry baskets which I thought were a good deal.”


Generic Over-The-Counter Medicine

Packages of pills.
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“Generic drugs that you don’t need bulk quantities. The dollar store is great for stocking a first-aid kit.”


Some of the popular generic picks from Redditors were painkillers, allergies, and cold medicine.

Gift Wrap and Cards

Gift bags and wrapped presents.
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“I buy cards (greeting/birthday) there. They are so freaking expensive now everywhere else. Also decent for gift wrap type stuff.” 


Multiple Reddit users reported they weren’t too thrilled with the rolls of wrapping paper, but all other gift-wrapping supplies, such as gift bags, ribbon, and tissue paper, were worth buying.

Metal Casserole and Cake Pans

A metal baking pan with brownie batter in it.
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“I buy the thin metal casserole and cake pans and such. Cheaper to get a more robust Dollar Store pan than to get an aluminum “disposable” pan from the grocery store if this is for a Meal Train type meal where you don’t expect to get your dish back.”


Kid’s Arts and Crafts Supplies

A paper with a child's drawing on it with colored pencils.
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“Craft supplies (some), especially for kids.”


You may want to skip the paint because some Reddit users reported it wasn’t great.

Some good options are chalk, canvases, pipe cleaners, markers, construction paper, coloring books, and more.

Reading Glasses

A Dalmatian with red reading glasses on.
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“Reading glasses! They have cool colors and patterns and they even come with the little sleeve to keep them in.”


Worcestershire Sauce (And Other Condiments) 

A bowl of worcestershire sauce.
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“Lately, I have only been able to find Worcestershire sauce for like $8 at Walmart, but they had it the Dollar Tree!”


Other Reddit users mentioned that many condiments were cheaper at the dollar store. As always, shop around for the best deal.

This is the end of the list, but the dollar store recommendations don’t have to end here

Comment with your favorite dollar store finds that save you money so everyone can get even more ideas!

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