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25 Cheap Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Organizing your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive.  You can organize your ENTIRE kitchen with just one trip to the Dollar Store!

These brilliant dollar store kitchen organization ideas will help you declutter your entire kitchen from top to bottom and won’t break the bank either.

Organizing your kitchen can be kind of overwhelming. These organizing ideas will help with the overwhelm.

Also, to help you out even more, at the end of this post there’s a list of inexpensive kitchen organizing products from Amazon, plus some super helpful kitchen organizing tips!

Check out these Dollar Store organizing ideas below and be sure to follow my Amazing Organizing Ideas Board on Pinterest for even more AWESOME organization tips!

Dollar Store Kitchen Organization Ideas

Below you’ll find the best dollar tree organization ideas and tips for your kitchen! These cheap kitchen organization ideas will easily eliminate clutter in your home.

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1. Save so much space storing your cutting boards on the inside of your cabinet with this nifty wire organizer.

dollar tree kitchen storage white rack mounted to white cabinet with red and wood cutting boards organized inside

GET DIRECTIONS from That’s What Che Said

Also check out her other organizing posts, for even more awesome tips!

2.  To transform your pantry, use different sized Dollar Store bins to store everything! 

Check out this post from At Home With Nikki. Nikki organized her entire pantry with Dollar Store bins and added labels to them.  

She stuck to one color of bins which really made the look more cohesive. 

3. Use soda can organizers to store all your canned goods and other pantry items. Add labels and you are good to go!

Below is an awesome video from Kieren over at Thrifted Living.

She’ll walks you through step by step how she cleverly uses inexpensive soda can organizers to organize canned food and pantry essentials. 

4. Create a coffee station drawer using clear boxes to house all your coffee essentials, also great for tea and hot cocoa.

Love this idea from Unikely Martha! A coffee drawer is absolutely genius, especially because you can have it near your coffee maker.

Clear bins from the Dollar Store are great to organize all your coffee essentials. If you’re a Keurig fan, these clear containers from the Dollar Store are great to organize all your different types of K-Cups

Her coffee station is so cute, you should really take a look!

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5. Plastic dollar store bins are perfect for organizing your fridge.

Ginny from Organizing Home Life uses cute bins from Home Goods to organize her entire fridge but I’ve seen tons of cheap plastic bins like these at the Dollar Tree.

As an added bonus, she includes FREE downloadable labels. You can find her free labels and check out her perfectly organized fridge here.

6. Speaking of bins, you can also use them to organize your freezer!

Time With Thea neatly labeled all her freezer bins and also decorated them with washi tape!!

What a fun idea to jazz up plain plastic storage containers!

Note: Since I’ve written this post, she doesn’t have the post up anymore about organizing her freezer.

But do check out her blog linked above, she has some other great organizing and lifestyle posts.


7. Organize all your spices with this nifty DIY Dollar Store magnetic spice rack made from a cookie sheet of all things

Cabinet with spices on shelf and DIY Dollar Store spice organizer on side of cabinet.

Also included with this project are free printable labels.

DIRECTIONS HERE from A Cultivated Nest

8. Use a dollar store pan organizer to organize all your pans and cookie sheets.

Restoration Beauty flipped some pan dividers on their sides (instead of using them vertically).

I love this idea because now the organizer is not as tall so you can use it in cabinets that don’t have much vertical room.

The slots in the organizer keeps everything so much more organized then just stacking all your pots and cookie sheets on top of each other.

9. Use containers to organize all your cleaning essentials underneath your sink and add a cheap tension rod to hold your cleaning products.

For most people under the kitchen sink can be such a trouble area. It can get unorganized fast, plus if you keep your garbage in there it can get dirty if you don’t keep up cleaning that space.

New Nostalgia organized under her kitchen sink with inexpensive containers from where else…

The dollar store of course!

Not only that she installed a dollar store tension rod under her kitchen sink towards the top of her cabinet where all her cleaning supplies hang on very neatly.

Using the tension rod really utilizes the vertical space under your kitchen sink because you then have room to store baskets underneath the cleaning supplies.

Love this genius Dollar Tree organizing hack!

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10. Make your own DIY colorful dollar tree utensil holder using mason jars.

She also added chalkboard labels to them, which was an adorable touch.

Directions on & check out more organization projects at The Homes I Have Made)

11. A clever organizing tip from Table For Two is to use mason jars to store all your cupcake liners.

Don’t forget to check out how she did it here.

12. Make your own rotating dollar store lazy Susan organizer to store dressing and condiments. 

dollar tree diy kitchen organization lazy susan project, two pans with five dressing bottles inside, grey background

This easy DIY dollar tree turntable project using cake pans and marbles is a must try.

GET DIRECTIONS HERE from The Country Chic Cottage

13. If you have a kitchen drawer that is tall enough, use bins to organize all your kids’ plates and cups.

If you have kids and are drowning in a sippy cup mess, Delightful Order has the best organizing solution for you!

Make an entire drawer just dedicated to organizing all your kid’s sippy cups, plates and cups.

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She even has the drawer in an easily accessible spot for her kids. If your kids are old enough, you can do this too so they can grab a cup for themselves.

14. Stack open storage containers to utilize every inch of storage space in your cabinets. 

A Proverbs Wife used stackable dollar store storage bins to store snacks and small food items.

This is one of the best dollar store storage ideas that I saw!

What I love about the storage containers she found at the dollar store is they are open, so you can see what’s inside them, plus it makes it easy to just grab whatever you need fast.

15. Use hooks to hang all your mixing spoons, measuring cups and flippers.

Tip from A Mellow Life Is a Good Life.

16. Use magazine holders to store all your paper goods.

dollar store white magazine holder organizing napkins and paper plates in a wood cabinet

Idea from Organizing Made Fun (By the way she also has tons of other awesome organizing ideas you’ll love.)

17. Store your pot and pan lids in a handy dollar store organizer.

If you have to go searching for your pots or pans lids all the time, you’ll want to go pick up this Dollar Store organizer.

Another awesome tip from Restoration Beauty is you can mount this lid organizer onto the inside of your cabin to save even more space!

18. Store snacks or other small food items in an over the door clear shoe organizer and hang it on your pantry door. 

This genius tip comes from Money Saving Queen. She purchased hers somewhere else, but I have seen them at Dollar Tree.

19. A command center on the side of your fridge will keep you super organized! Keep notes, calendars, recipes, and coupons all in one place. 

Using both dollar store and Target $1 bin items, the video below from Do It On A Dime will show you how to recreate this awesome dollar tree command center!

20. Store dry goods in glass canisters to keep everything nice and neat!

Jennifer from The Social Home organized all her dry goods and ingredients using inexpensive canisters and added some chic labels to them.

They ended up looking really expensive and I would have never thought she used dollar store containers.

Check out her totally organized cabinet here for some inspiration!

21. If you want to keep all your dollar store clear containers organized, score some FREE downloadable labels so you can have everything nice & neat!

Neat House Sweet Home has some cute (and free) downloadable kitchen labels that come in three colors!

Grab your FREE printable pantry labels from Neat House Sweet Home here.

If these aren’t your style, there are tons of free downloadable pantry labels on Pinterest!

22. Line your drawers with contact paper and organize all your utensils with drawer organizers.

23. Don’t forget to organize your junk drawer too.

Everyone seems to have a messy junk drawer in their kitchen that houses a bunch of random stuff.

Go to the dollar store and grab some small clear containers and/or drawer organizers.

Also think about going through the drawer and only leaving things you really need that belong in the kitchen.

24. Always misplacing your measuring cups and spoons? Mount dollar store hooks inside your cabinets and hang them.

This little gem comes from Kristi of I Should Be Mopping The Floor.

She even gives you a cute printable measuring conversion chart that you can hang up in your cabinet as well.

Check out her directions & printable conversion chart here.

25. Use a paper towel holder to store your cookie cutters.

Stack your cookie cutters on a paper towel holder. One paper towel holder can hold a pretty big stack of cookie cutters.

If you have a ton of cookie cutters, I would get a few paper towel holders and sort the cookie cutters by holiday/season.

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Kitchen Organizer Ideas from Amazon Under $20

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, just in case you don’t have a dollar store close to you, I wanted to give you guys some inexpensive options from Amazon.

Below you’ll find some great kitchen organizers from Amazon all under $20.

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Dollar Tree Kitchen Organization Tips

Organize your kitchen over a period of time, not in one day. 

The kitchen has so many organizing layers to it.  You need to organize the pantry, under the sink, dish shelves, etc. 

It’s a big job, so don’t feel like you have to organize it all in one day.  Pick an area of your kitchen to organize one day and the next day pick another section.

Enlist help if you live with others. 

Hey, everyone uses the kitchen, right?  Consider enlisting some of these people to help you organize or at the very least keep up on your organizing system.

Take 10 minutes a day to keep your kitchen organization system in place.

After you spend a ton of time organizing your kitchen, you don’t want your kitchen to get cluttered again.  Take ten minutes a day to tidy up and organize.

Hope you enjoyed these

dollar store kitchen organization hacks!

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    1. Hi Felicia. Yeah, those shoe organizers are quite handy. Great idea to use one to store your cleaning supplies! 🙂

  3. These are so helpful! I love the pots and pan organizing method!

  4. Thanks for sharing! That coffee drawer is so handy for entertaining too!

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