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50+ Homeschool Room Organization Ideas

If you need a little help when it comes to reining in the homeschool chaos and mess, this homeschool organization guide is going to completely eliminate all your overwhelm.

Maybe you have been homeschooling your kids for a long time or you may have recently just found yourself in a new role of teaching your kids at home.

Either way, I know you’ll find some great tips and inspiration for organizing your homeschool room!

This guide will break down the homeschool organization process step by step into bite-sized manageable pieces.

After we go through the process, you’ll get more in-depth homeschool organization ideas and tons of actionable tips.

Not only that, but this post is jam-packed with real-life examples from some amazing homeschooling moms.

You’ll get to peek inside their organized homeschool rooms and see what works for them. Exciting right?

There is also a whole section dedicated to FREE homeschool printables to help you organize everything as well!

So now let’s jump into the basic steps to take to achieve total homeschool organization!

How To Get Organized For Home Schooling Step By Step

Below you’ll find ten easy steps that’ll help you win when it comes to homeschool organization.

homeschooling organzation 101 written on school chalkboard with colorful banner, rainbows and sun in the background

1. Decide where your homeschool space is going to be located in your home.

Do you have an entire room or just an area of the house to designate for homeschool?

Maybe you don’t have a room but are designating an area in your family room, basement, etc.

Maybe most of the homeschool magic will happen around your kitchen table.

Weigh the pros and cons of each space. Why would this be a good space for learning? Is it free of distractions?

Quick Note: In this post whether I say “room” or “space”, think of these terms as interchangeable.

2. If needed, clear out your intended homeschool area.

If you are setting up your homeschool space for the first time, it’s best to start with a clean slate.

Clear out the entire designated homeschooling area and get rid of, donate, and move things as needed.

If you already have a homeschool room set up that just needs some minor organizing tweaks, feel free to skip this step.

Although, if you have a homeschool room that is in need of a total organization overhaul, if possible take everything out of the room just like you would do if you were setting up your space for the first time.

Go through all your items and materials and see what you can get rid of or donate.

3. Map out zones in your homeschool space or room.

Some example zones might be an art area, reading area, desk/school work area for your child, your desk area, etc.

Label these areas in your room or space with Post-its or a sign.

This doesn’t have to be where you permanently put the specific zone but it will give you an idea of how the room will flow.

Also, having designated zones will help you stay organized. Instead of having tons of books everywhere, all your books will be housed in the book/library zone.

Now, this step will look different for everyone, especially depending on the size of your space.

If you have a bigger space, your book area might take up an entire corner of your room.

But, if you have a common area space that doubles as a homeschooling space, maybe you have a small bookshelf or a couple of shelves where you store all your books.

Don’t get too tripped up creating zones because as mentioned before you can change them around. What’s important is you have some designated zones and work areas.

One last note on zones is don’t feel like every single thing needs its own zone. If you don’t have enough of something, you don’t need to dedicate a whole zone to that item.

4. Evaluate your supplies for each zone.

Do you have all the necessary organizers, shelves, workspace essentials, etc.?

If not, first check to see if you have anything around the house that you aren’t using that would work for your homeschool room.

For example, maybe you have a table or extra chairs in your garage that you could use in the art zone of your homeschool room.

Get creative and try to find uses for items or furniture around your house you don’t use anymore.

5. Make a list of any supplies that you need to buy.

Go zone by zone and make a list of any supplies you need. For example, do you need some extra chairs, more storage for your curriculum, etc?

Make a master supply list and start shopping. To keep costs down, check at your local thrift store or see if your friends and family are getting rid of anything that would work in your homeschool room.

6. Start setting up each zone in your homeschool area.

Once you get all your supplies, start placing the furniture, organizers, storage, etc. in the space.

You can really play around with this step and see how you want everything laid out.

7. Start organizing all your homeschool materials in their zones.

Now that you have created zones and have set up all your furniture and organizing essentials, it’s time to actually start organizing!

Make sure everything has a proper home that makes sense to you and your kids.

As mentioned earlier, this post will go way more in-depth with homeschool organization. You’ll find tons of ideas to organize everything.

So don’t worry if you’re not sure how to organize everything just yet.

I’ve linked to some awesome examples from homeschooling moms that are very organized and have some great ideas that’ll make the process a lot less overwhelming for you.

8. Evaluate your organization system and make changes if necessary.

This isn’t a step that’ll happen right away, but after a few weeks go by of teaching in your homeschool area, really evaluate your organizational system.

What’s working? What’s not working?

Would it be better if you moved a zone somewhere else? Is the way you laid out the room not working well for your child’s learning style?

Reflecting on all these questions will help you improve the organization in your homeschool room.

Make changes to how you set everything up if you need to.

9. Maintain your organization system to stay organized and clutter-free.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Now that you’ve spent tons of time organizing and planning out your space, it’s essential you maintain it.

Maintaining it little by little each day, week or month will actually save you time because your space will never become a huge project to organize again.

(Or that’s the goal anyway!)

Set up a time each day to tidy up and put everything back in its proper place.

Have your kids do an activity at this time that doesn’t require much involvement from you so you can organize everything.

Now I know it’s not realistic to spend a ton of time maintaining everything each day, even a spare five to ten minutes is adequate enough.

Just set up a time that’s best for you. Maybe you do this when you don’t have the kids at all.

10. This step is optional but talk to your children before you even start organizing to get their input.

This one could have gone more towards the top, but I wanted to list it here because it may not apply to everyone.

If your kids are old enough, talk to them about what they want their space to be like.

Do they want any special organizers for their desk? Do they want a color scheme, etc.?

Again, this is totally optional and of course up to you. You never know what ideas you might get from them though.

Kids are so creative and they may just give you an organizing idea you didn’t even think of.

Homeschool Organization Ideas

This section is filled with homeschool room organization ideas.

You’ll see how other homeschooling parents organize their spaces and get some inspiration to organize your homeschool area.

By the way, I thought this was a good time to be transparent with you guys. I don’t homeschool my kids.

In fact, I don’t even have kids (just cats for now lol). 😻

But, I love coming up with organizing solutions and writing about organization a lot. That’s why I made this guide, so you have everything you need in one spot when it comes to homeschool organization.

As I keep mentioning, many of these ideas come from some amazing homeschooling moms and organizing bloggers out there.

Read: Easy 30 Day Organized Home & Life Challenge

Be sure to actually go to their websites because they have tons of other amazing tips when it comes to organizing and/or homeschooling.

You’ll also find some of my own tips sprinkled throughout this post as well.

Because homeschool organization is just like organizing other parts of your house and I love sharing organizing tips!

Ready to see some homeschool spaces? 🍎

Homeschool Desk Setup

Organized homeschool room with grey walls, map and framed pictures on the wall, homework work station consisting of a desk, chairs and storage baskets  mounted to the wall

SEE MORE from Life With Less Mess

This is one of my favorite homeschool desk ideas! This sweet workspace created by Melissa from Life With Less Mess is not only adorable but quite functional as well.

She mounted wire baskets labeled with her child’s name on the wall for extra storage, what a clever idea!

Right next to the workspace she added a rolling cart to store supplies and other items.

One last thing to highlight…

If you are trying to maximize all the space you have, go for a long, narrow desk and place it against the wall as Melissa did.

This desk has a lot slimmer profile than some big clunky desks that can take up a lot of space.

Morning Board For Organizing Your Morning Routine

Homeschool morning board with different signs and learning materials hanging on the wall, hooks on the wall with a decorative wall hanging

SEE MORE from Joyfully Domestic

If your mornings seem a little hectic or unstructured, having a morning board will really help you stay organized.

A morning routine can really set a positive tone for the day. This one organizing idea alone that could really transform your chaotic mornings!

Organize Your Homeschool Teaching Materials

Organized homeschool textbooks and materials on a white bookshelf with brightly colored labeled bins organizing binders, worksheets and homeschool curriculum

SEE MORE from New Life On A Homestead

Since you probably have a ton of teaching materials, it’s best to organize everything by subject.

Use labeled magazine holders to organize everything.

This way you won’t be searching around an entire shelf looking for a math book, you know it’s in the nicely labeled math section.

Organized Homeschool Room Setup

Homeschooling room that has a front wall with a hanging chalkboard, bulletin board and map. Wood detail on the top of the wall. In the corner of the homeschooling space there is a kids desk with built in red and grey storage cubbies

SEE MORE from Joyfully Domestic

This homeschool room setup has a definite farmhouse style with all the rustic wood.

In her other pictures of the homeschool space on her blog, many of her organization boxes and containers have a farmhouse feel as well.

Now having an overall theme (like in her case farmhouse ) is completely optional.

Although Mary from Joyfully Domestic makes a great point, “The style of the decor is also motivating for us in our daily lessons.”

The more you love how your organized homeschool space looks, the more likely you are to maintain your organizing system. Not to mention it’ll be a space you and your kids want to be in.

Again, this is not a must, for some people function might be the only goal and you may not worry about how everything looks. That’s perfectly fine too.

I also like how the table has some built-in cubby space for storing items and supplies. The more places you can sneak in a little storage the better!

Homeschool Organization Hack: Chalkboard Painted Door

Homeschool organization hack showing a painted black door with chalboard paint, chalk writing is on the door and learning posters are mounted to the door. The door has a gold handle and wood framing.

SEE MORE from The Chaos And The Clutter

Take advantage of all the space you have, including your door space.

Sharla from Chaos and The Clutter had limited wall space, so she painted her door with chalkboard paint as well as hanging up charts and posters.

What a genius homeschool organizing hack!

Homeschool Desk Organization

Homeschool desk that is white with lots of storage cubbies. Books, knick knacks,and supplies in cubbies and on desk. Cream colored office chair in front of the desk with a colorful pillow

SEE MORE from The Country Chic Cottage

Angie from The Country Chic Cottage created this very organized desk space for her teenager.

The storage cubes provide so much storage that is great for organizing books or other materials

If you have a small space, look for storage that is tall and narrow to maximize all your space.

Love all the personal touches like including her teen’s initials and using fun colors.

Art Supplies Homeschool Organization

Homeschooling supplies that are organized in a mounted white storage system. Colorful art supplies in each cup. Shelf underneath supplies with books

SEE MORE from 1+1+1=1

Instead of organizing your art supplies by type (crayons, markers, colored pencils), organize them by color.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out more from Carisa at 1+1+1= 1, she has tons of other homeschool organizing ideas plus a wealth of information about homeschooling.

Homeschool Dining Room Organizing Ideas

Homeschooling organizing idea for small spaces with storage cubbies against the window. Cubbies organize homeschool books and leaning materials, plant next to storage unit, small chalkboard on wall, dining room table in the front

SEE MORE from This Pilgrim Life

If your dining room area also doubles as your homeschool space, without the right setup, it could get cluttered real fast.

With all that is going on in 2020, I know so many of you all of the sudden had your common areas turn into a school area overnight.

If you feel like it’s impossible to have an organized common living area also function as a homeschooling space, you haven’t met Lisa from This Pilgrim Life.

She is a homeschooling mom of five (yes five) children and manages to keep a super tidy living space that she also uses for homeschooling.

Next to her dining table (that also doubles as her kids’ work area), she added storage cubbies that house school books, her homeschool curriculum, and more.

If you want a guided tour of her dining room and homeschool space combo, check out her YouTube video here.

Organizing Your Homeschool Games & Puzzles

Green wall with three black clocks, huge shelving unit that is black storing stacked homeschool games, black globe on to top of storage

SEE MORE from The Chaos And The Clutter

If you have a lot of games and puzzles, use a storage unit dedicated exclusively to them.

Another awesome idea from Sharla of The Chaos and The Clutter is having clocks set to different time zones. You have to read her post though for the reasoning around the different time zones, it’s so special.

Maximize Your Homeschool Storage Space

Desk for homeschool side by side with chairs next to them. Desk has built in storage with grey storage boxes. Two bean bags in right hand corner and kids backpacks hanging on hooks and learning posters on white wall

SEE MORE from Saving Talents

If you’re lucky enough to have a homeschool space that has tons of built-in storage, that’s awesome.

But if not, you’re going to want to create storage wherever you can.

Homeschooling mom Tiffany added these awesome homeschool desks with built-in storage.

It’s a nice space that not only functions as a work area for her children but also as a storage hub.

Also, don’t forget to add labels to your storage containers as Tiffany did. She definitely gets an A++ for organization!

Homeschool Supplies Organization DIY

DIY homeschooling project showcasing three soup cans that have been covered in colorful scrapbook paper storing pens, markers, etc. on a white wooden background

SEE MORE from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry

This easy DIY project is an adorable and cost-effective way to organize all your pens, markers, colored pencils, etc.

Upcycle food cans by wrapping scrapbook paper around them, how smart!

Erin from Lemons, Lavender, and Laundry made these to go in her DIY homeschool caddy.

Different Types of Homeschool Storage

Simple homeschooling room with wooden table and chairs, tall black storage cabinet in right side of the room, blue door and kids toys in the left hand corner of the room

SEE MORE from Just A Simple Home

Sometimes one cabinet may not cut it when it comes to organizing all your homeschooling supplies.

Terryn has some open shelving storage units but also has this tall cabinet with doors.

The open shelving is great for things you are constantly using or for letting your kids easily access items.

Cabinets with doors work well for things you don’t use as much or things you don’t want your child to get into.

Try to think outside the box when it comes to storage, you don’t have to stick to one type.

DIY Dollar Store Homeschool Supplies Organizer

DIY homeschool supply organizer made of a basket that is covered in blue and white striped fabric, supply holders inside basket holding pens, markers, art supplies, etc. and a flower journal inside basket. Globe in the background

SEE MORE from The Boondocks Blog

You don’t have to spend a ton of money organizing your supplies!

Jane and Sonja upcycled broken plastic baskets (or you could use Dollar Store baskets) by covering them with fabric.

They then added various jars and containers to wrangle up all their supplies.

Follow their easy step by step directions to make one for your homeschool room!

Simple Homeschool Checklist For Your Kids

Homeschool checklist page showing a handwritten to do list that is checked off on lined binder paper

SEE MORE from STEAM Powered Family

Sometimes the best organizing ideas are the most simple! Make a daily checklist for your child to keep them accountable and on track.

Shelley from Steam Powered Family mentioned that before she started implementing checklists, homeschool life was pretty chaotic.

Her kids were uncertain about what they needed to do for the rest of the day. Checklists are her little secret and were a game-changer for her and her family!

This checklist strategy will not only keep your kids organized but you as well! You can read more about her homeschool checklist tips here.

How To Organize Homeschool Books

At the beginning of the post, we talked about creating zones. Since you probably have a ton of books, it makes sense to have a book or library zone.

Depending on your space or what works best for you, there are a handful of ways you could go about organizing your homeschool books.

Below are some great ideas that’ll save you so much time. No more digging through piles of books trying to find which one you need.


Homeschool Library Organization By Category

Homeschool library organization separated with white magazine holders with subject labels. Books filling each magazine holder.

SEE MORE from 1+1+1=1

Organize your books with magazine holders and label them by category or theme. What a clever idea!

Organizing Homeschool Books By Subject

Organzing homeschool books by subject with white cubbies that have subject picture labels on them, basket underneath cubby filled with books that is white and labeled with "math"

SEE MORE from This Pilgrim Life

Homeschooling mom Lisa labeled all her books and curriculum by subject, which is very smart.

If you love her labels, she’s offering them as free printables so you can use them in your homeschool space too!

Be sure to read her full post here because it is packed with so many more organizing ideas, plus you can score some free printable labels!

Organize Homeschool Books By Grade Level

If you are homeschooling multiple kids, another option is to organize your books by grade level or child.

If your kids are really far apart in age, first-grade reading material is going to look a lot different than a seventh-graders.

Have one area in the library dedicated to the first grader and another dedicated to the seventh-grader. From there you can organize by category or subject if you like.

Homeschool Library Storage Ideas

Now that you have some ideas on how to organize your books, you’ll need some storage solutions to house all the books.

If you’re lucky enough to have built-in shelves, that’s great. If not, there are so many bookshelf options.

You can find bookshelves at so many stores. Another option is to check out thrift stores and garage sales.

This kids book rack from Amazon is a great space-saving option. It also comes in other colors.

If you’re looking for a basic bookshelf, this three shelf bookcase from Amazon is a great choice.

These bookshelf organizing cubes from Amazon are awesome for organizing books or for creating student cubbies.

What I like about these cubes is you have different options when it comes to stacking them.

Organizing Everyday Homeschool Books & Materials

While you may have a library to store all your books, you’re going to want to create an area to store your child’s day to day textbooks and materials.

Make sure all your child’s daily texts are in an easily accessible place for them.

Below you’ll find some easy ways to organize your kid’s everyday texts and learning materials.

Homeschool Student Cubbies For Textbooks & Daily Books

Cubbies for students that organize all their work, binders, books, etc. Cubby is black and has text explaining what each part of the cubby is

SEE MORE from Not Consumed

Former school teacher turned homeschool extraordinaire, Kim from Not Consumed, creates a cubby for each child.

In each cubby are all the textbooks and materials her child needs for the day.

Another nice touch to personalize the cubbies, even more, is adding a picture of your child. What a fun idea!

More ways to store textbooks & everyday books:

Opt for a desk with built-in storage for books (like this one).

This cool desk from Amazon has a four-tiered shelf attached. It’s perfect for storing textbooks and supplies.

For desks lacking storage, add a small bookcase next to your child’s workspace.

Here’s a bookshelf from Amazon that won’t take up too much space and will have ample room to store your child’s daily textbooks and other important materials.

When you’re looking for bookcases or shelving, it’s best if your child can see the items on the shelves, so opt for open storage if possible.

Some other options for storing homeschool textbooks are baskets, crates, plastic tubs and bins.

Place these on or beside your child’s workspace so they can easily access all their daily materials.

These colorful book bins from Amazon will keep all your child’s daily materials together in one spot.

This book storage box from Amazon is not only cute, but very functional as well.

Another option is these storage baskets from Amazon. They’re the perfect size for storing some textbooks, a binder, or any other daily materials.

Homeschool Organization Printables

Do you love printables to keep yourself organized? If so, this section is for you!

All these homeschooling printables are designed to help you and your child stay organized.

And did I mention they’re all free (even better, right)?

To access your free printables, click on the “get printable” link from each blogger.

You’ll then be able to find out more about the printable and download them (for free of course).

Quick note, with some printables they may ask you to enter your email to receive them.

By joining some of these email lists though, you’ll get even more awesome tips and in some cases, the blogger has even more free printables you can access.

Homeschool Daily Planner Printable

Homeschooling planner printable on a blue background with colorful images on it and markers in the background

GET PRINTABLE from That’s What Che Said

Your child will love using this fun daily planner sheet. Under each subject, you can write what you and your child will complete for the day.

For example under math, you might write an assignment and activity for them to do. Once they complete it you or your child can cross it off.

This printable is offered with subjects listed out for you or there’s also an empty version to write your own subjects.

Another bonus is you can either download the cute colorful version or the black and white version for your kid to color.

Homeschool Planner Printable

GET PRINTABLE from Maple Planners

If you’re overwhelmed with planning and don’t know where to start, this free homeschooling planner is going to really save your sanity!

This planner has seventeen pages in total (some of the pages aren’t pictured above).

It has a variety of pages to help you set a homeschool routine and keep track of grades, activities, your curriculum, and more!

Basically everything you need to keep you on track and organized!

Organizing Homeschool Materials Printable

Printable with two columns for photocopying and laminating homeschooling materials, check off list in columns

GET PRINTABLE from Just A Simple Home

If you find that you need to prep a ton of materials for some of your curriculums, you are going to want a system to streamline that process.

Use this printable to keep track of all the materials you need to photocopy or laminate.

Homeschooling mom Terryn finds that having a planning session in the summer and printing out and laminating everything she needs for the year saves her a lot of time and angst.

That’s a great approach but you of course prepare your materials throughout the year.

Whichever way you choose, this printable will really help you plan!

Homeschool Daily Schedule Printable PDF

Homeschool daily schedule printable with three columns labeling kid activities and lessons in different time slots, turquoise and blue columns

GET PRINTABLE from Simplify Create Inspire

If you’re looking for a more structured schedule, this hourly schedule has everything planned out for you.

Even if you don’t follow this schedule exactly, use it as jumping off point in creating your own schedule.

When it comes to schedules, Holly from Simplify Create Inspire makes a great point, “We set a daily schedule but keep some flexibility knowing that sometimes there may be other things we need to do during the day or things that happen that take longer.

Her approach to schedules really makes sense because sometimes you never know what will happen throughout the day.

If you have no flexibility and feel like you have to follow a strict schedule, you may be putting a lot of stress on yourself.

As an added bonus along with the free homeschool schedule printable, you’ll also get a huge list of activities for younger children.

Relaxed Homeschooling Schedule Printable

Printable with a homeschool schedule to do list and a drawing of a blue pen and yellow arrow pointing to the free homeschooling printable worksheet.

GET PRINTABLE from Royal, Baloo, and Logi-Bear Too!

This schedule is more relaxed than time blocking and planning your entire day hourly.

If you’re looking for a schedule that is customizable and pretty laid back, be sure to grab this printable.

What is cool about this schedule is there is an edible check-off list on the top portion so you can type in five important tasks for your child to complete each day.

The bottom section is not editable but has different activities to cross off and room for you to write your own as well.

Homeschool Curriculum Printables

homeschool curriculum plan free printable with colorful dots and pink labels on top and lines to write in materials

GET PRINTABLE from Just A Simple Home

This printable really comes in handy for when you are planning out your child’s curriculum.

Terryn uses this printable to plan out her intended curriculum but also has a page where she keeps track of what curriculum items she actually ended up using for the year.

If you need help organizing your curriculum for the year, don’t miss this one.

(You also might want to check out her post 10 Days of Homeschool Printables here because it includes links to this printable, plus more amazing ones as well.)

Free Weekly Planner Printable

weekly planner printable with coral and dark blue boxes labeled with the days of the week to organize your homeschool schedule and to do list

GET PRINTABLE from Healthy Happy Impactful

Not only will the fun colors in this weekly planner brighten your day but it will also organize everything you need to teach throughout the week.

If you are homeschooling more than one child and don’t have enough room to write everything down, you could have one planning page per child.

Another great thing is it has a section for goals and priorities so you’ll never forget the big picture for the week.

Since this planner printable is not specific to homeschool, you can also print out an extra sheet for planning your personal life as well.

Homeschool To Do List

at home teaching weekly to do list printable with checklist under each day of the week

GET PRINTABLE from Paper Trail Design

Keeping a checklist will help keep you accountable and productive.

While this printable isn’t homeschool specific, it will help you manage all the little tasks you need to do throughout the week.

Your kids can also use this printable as well. Have them cross off assignments and activities they’ve completed to keep them on track.

There’s even a great spot for extra notes.

Weekly Activity Planner Printable For Kids

Kids activity planner for kids for organizing your homeschool schedule. Colorful day of the weeks labels and child and school icons and art that decorate the printables

GET PRINTABLE from For Mommies By Mommy

Teach your kids about time management with this customizable weekly activity planner

Faith, who like so many people found herself in a new position of teaching her kids at home, came up with this fun schedule to teach her kids about time management.

To customize this printable further, there are eleven different kid icon options to choose from.

Bonus Free Homeschool Printable

Homeschooling wall art printables with motivational phrases and colorful paint in the background of the words. printables are framed and displayed as decor in a homeschool room

GET PRINTABLES from This Ole Mom

While this printable set does not have to do with organizing, I couldn’t resist adding this one to the free printable list.

If you’re looking for some fun and motivating wall art for your homeschool room, these would be so cute framed on the wall!

The fun colors are awesome and it’ll make your homeschool area feel cozy and inviting.

Homeschool Planners To Organize Everything

Having a homeschool planner will be your little secret weapon to organize everything when it comes to homeschooling.

Now there are so many options when it comes to planners and I wanted to go over them with you.

Whatever type of planner you end up using, just make sure it works for you.

When it comes to planners, here is my number one tip…

Get a planner that is 100% dedicated to homeschooling.

While I’m not a homeschooling mom, I have a completely separate planner for this blog (my business).

There are just too many things that go into running a website and it became very problematic when I used just one planner to keep track of both my business and personal life.

This will probably be the same for homeschooling as well.

Homeschool Planner Printables

customizable homeschooling planner printables spread out on a desk with colorful desk accessories, laptop and cup of coffee in the background

In the previous free printables section, there were a handful of homeschool planner printables. You can also find many free planner printables on Pinterest as well.

For paid printables, Etsy has some great homeschool and teacher planners.

Homeschool Organization Binder

To keep all your printables and papers in one spot, make a homeschool binder. Add some labels and dividers to keep all the pages organized.

Homeschooling mom Heather and YouTuber Zfam Mama has a binder for both her child and herself. In her binder, she keeps track of daily schedules, lessons, grades, etc.

In her child’s binder she includes her schedule, worksheets to complete, etc.

She even has separate binders for all her child’s writing assignments and a resource binder filled with helpful information for each subject.

Watch Heather’s homeschooling organizing binder tour and tips video here.

Traditional Homeschool Planners

This section is pretty self exclamatory. Find a paper planner with a layout that works for you. There are tons of planners out there.

My go-to is the Happy Planner because you can add pages, dividers, or folders to really customize your planner.

You can either go with a dedicated teacher planner or just a regular planner that you can customize.

Digital Homeschool Planner

If having a physical planner just doesn’t work for you, there are plenty of digital options.

Some great digital planning apps include Evernote, Trello (more on that later), Asana, and Google Calendars.

(If you have more recommendations, comment below to let me know what you use.)

There are so many more options out there as well. If you need help setting up these digital organization systems, YouTube tutorials really come in handy.

Trello Homeschool Organization

My favorite digital organizing system is Trello. You organize everything onto boards (kind of like Pinterest), so if you are a visual person, you’ll love it.

Under each board, there are cards and lists to keep everything organized. Trello has free and paid options but I use the free version.

Since I use Trello for blogging and not homeschooling, I found some homeschooling parents who use Trello to organize everything.

Emily from TableLifeBlog uses Trello for daily and monthly planning, details for assignments and lessons, record keeping, and more.

This post shows how she uses Trello for homeschool.

Abby from Homeschool With Moxie also uses Trello to plan out her entire homeschooling year.

She created Trello boards for her kids to access their schedule and check off assignments they’ve completed throughout the week.

Now she recommends this system more for preteens or teenagers, not younger children.

Find out how she uses Trello for her homeschooling schedule here.

Now I probably sound like an add for Trello lol, I swear I have no connection to them.

This is just what I use but there are plenty of other amazing organizing apps out there, you just have to find one that makes sense for you.

Organizing Your Homeschool Curriculum

Kristi Clover, a homeschool mom of five, shows you her five easy systems to organize your curriculum in the video below.

Here are the five simple systems she’ll show you:

  • Homeschool crate system
  • Homeschool organization binder system
  • Checklist system
  • Homeschool filing system with hanging files
  • Folder system

Homeschooling Organizing Tips

By now you should have a lot of homeschool organizing tips and ideas, but I just wanted to share some more with you.

By the way, you’ll also find a bunch of homeschool organization tips at the end of this section that are specifically targeted for small spaces.

Wherever you can, add labels.

Labeling is something that doesn’t take that much time but can make a world of difference.

No more opening every box to see what’s inside, just add a label to it. 

There are so many options for buying labels. Or you can always make them yourself.

Below are labels the Country Chic Cottage made using her Cricut machine. It’s a quick and easy way to label all your school supplies and materials.

Homeschool folders in black, blue and turquoise neatly labeled by subject on wood background

If you have a Cricut machine, be sure to read her tutorial here to see how she created these neat labels.

For kids that can’t read yet, consider picture labels so they can easily find what they need. 

Get the kids involved with maintaining your organizing system.

If your kids are old enough, have them help you keep everything neat.

Encourage your children to put back items in their designated “homes” after they are finished with them.

This not only will help you because you won’t be spending as much time putting everything away but it’s also teaching them a great life skill at the same time. 

Color code materials or items for each child.

homeschool organizations idea of color coding. white cubby has one color of items in each cubby like yellow, blue, green, pink, etc.

If you have multiple kids you’re homeschooling, it might be hard to keep track of all their different materials. 

One great tip is to color code everything for each child. Color code each child’s binder, supplies, books, etc.

Periodically evaluate your organization systems.

The last thing you want to do is organize your homeschool space in a way that doesn’t work for you or your children.

If you find your homeschool set up just isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to tweak it to your liking.

Homeschool Organization Tips For Small Spaces

Many of the ideas you’ve seen so far can be used whether you have a big or small homeschool space.

But, having a smaller space can prove to be a little more challenging (but possible) when organizing everything.

Utilize wall and door space. Add storage wherever you can.

Tiny house homeschooling space with chalkboard with shelves underneath, colorful kids alphabet mat on floor with learning posters on wall

Don’t forget to take advantage of all your wall space. Hang teaching materials, maps, calendars, etc.

Also, install shelving for extra storage. In the homeschool space above, extra shelves were installed underneath the chalkboard which is usually just dead space.

There are many over the door organizers you can use to sneak in a little extra storage as well.

Another option is furniture with built in storage.

Regular organizing maintenance is a must.

What I’ve noticed (especially from living in smaller spaces) is the smaller the space the messier it will look if things aren’t organized.

You could have a little pile in a big space that looks like nothing, but in a small space it looks like the whole room is super cluttered.

The key to organizing a small space is keeping it organized. Try not to let the mess get out of hand by tidying as you go or have a set time of day or week for organizing.

While this isn’t specific to homeschooling, here’s a helpful organizing post I wrote filled with easy tips for staying organized.

Many of these tips can be applied to homeschool organization as well.

I know this is easier said than done but in the long run, it will keep your space more functional while also making it feel bigger.

If you are homeschooling in a common area, don’t feel like you HAVE to buy separate furniture.

The more items that have for multi-use the better.

You’ve already seen one homeschool mom earlier in this post who uses her living and dining room area for homeschooling.

It’s definitely possible!

If your space is crammed, don’t feel like you have to fit in a separate workspace for your child. Maybe during school hours, the kitchen table doubles as their school table.

homeschool in dining room with mom helping daughter with her homework at the table, wood kitchen counters in the background

The same goes for their reading area. The couch you have in your family room is perfect.

Because in a smaller space it may be a tight squeeze to add a reading corner with additional furniture.

Making room for a homeschool room (if you want).

Now, this is not for everyone but you could switch the setup of your rooms around if you really want a homeschool room.

If your kids are okay with sharing a room, you could convert one room into a homeschool room.

Again, not an option for a lot of people but wanted to mention it.

You may have a room dedicated as an office, craft room, hobby room, etc. If you’re willing to give up that space, you could convert it into a homeschool room as well.

Lastly, some of you may have finished attics or basements that would be a good space, you just need to clean them out.

Use your outside area if possible.

homeschooling children doing an art project outside. shot from overhead of just there arms painting using a variety of colors

If you have a backyard, utilize that space as well. For projects you feel like you just need a little more room, do them outside (weather permitting).

This especially works well for messier art projects.

Assess your space for any missed storage.

Sure you may have a small space but are there any hidden storage spaces you haven’t utilized?

Maybe there’s a space under the stairs or an area of a closet with some space you missed.

Get creative and start looking for storage anywhere you can.

Time To Organize For Homeschooling…

chalkboard sign with a green wood border that reads "get started today" and chalk and cup of coffee in the background

Whether you are just getting used to the idea of school at home because of recent events or you’ve already been homeschooling and just need to get more organized, I hope all these tips and ideas helped you!

Remember, there is more than one way to organize things. If someone is telling you there is a right or wrong way, well that’s wrong lol.

At the end of the day these ideas and tips are here to help you but just because something works for one homeschooling mom or dad doesn’t mean it will work for you.

It’s easy to get bogged down or overwhelmed when starting to set up your homeschool room.

There are many more ideas out there besides what’s listed in this post. You could spend hours researching how to set up the perfect homeschool room.

Don’t forget though…

The most important thing is that you start now.

Do something little today that will help bring you closer to your organized homeschool space. Then tomorrow do another task.

Rinse and repeat…

Pretty soon your homeschool space will be setup in a way that works well for you and the kiddos.

Be sure to let me know any thoughts you have about homeschool organizing or any of your favorite tips!!

Have you just recently been thrown into having your kids at home learning or have you been a homeschooling parent for a while now?

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