85 Ingenious Bullet Journal List Ideas

Needing some bullet journal ideas? This list of list ideas (see what I did there hah) for your bullet journal will sure to get your creative juices flowing.

You may be a seasoned bujo pro or just bought your bullet journal and are thinking, “Now what?” Well, out of these eighty-five bullet journal ideas, I know you will find something great!

These bullet journal page ideas are broken down into categories to make it easier: wellness, health & fitness, hobbies & entertainment, household, money, travel, self improvement, holidays/events, kids, pets and miscellaneous.

Utilizing your bullet journal to keep track of all kinds of things, like fitness goals or tracking  your moods is very beneficial.  Sometimes when you write things out on paper and see it, it is so much easier to evaluate yourself as a person and will help you reach your goals.

Have fun adding these collections to your bullet journal!  What lists do you already have in your bullet journal?  Comment below, I’d love to get some new ideas!

Bullet Journal Ideas


Everyone wanted to live well, right?  This wellness list will inspire you to be healthy, happy and take care of yourself. 

1.  Daily routine

2. Weekly routine

3. Daily affirmations

4. Habit tracker

5. Wellness/medical exam appointments (Yours and everyone in your household)

6. Mood tracker

7. Daily affirmations

8.  Period tracker

9. Songs that make you happy

10. Sleep tracker

11. Self care activities

12.  Favorite ways to destress and relax

Health & Fitness

Tracking your health and fitness will help you reach your goals.  It’ll feel good for you to see your progress on paper!

13. Exercise tracker

14. Weight or measurement tracker

15. Workout and/or weight loss goals

16. Food log

17. Workout Mix Songs

18. Water Intake

19. Weight Loss Rewards: Treat yourself every X amount of pounds you lose.

20. Meal Plan

21. Step Tracker: You might have a Fitbit, but sometimes it’s nice to see it on paper.

22. Clean eating grab and go snack list

Hobbies & Entertainment

You will never be bored again with this hobby and entertainment bullet journal list.  If you are feeling bored, just select something to do on the list you made! 

23. Shows to binge watch on Netflix

24. Books you have read

25. Books you want to read

26.  Hobbies you want to try

27. New skills you want to learn

28. Favorite restaurants

29. Favorite things to do in your hometown

30. Your personal soundtrack (favorite songs)

31. Craft project ideas

Household Bullet Journal Ideas

Keep your house in order with these awesome list ideas!

32.  Cleaning Schedule

33 Organizing or cleaning challenges

34. Spring cleaning checklist

35. Cleaning supply list

36. Grocery Staples

37.  Favorite meal ideas

38. Fridge or pantry inventory

39.  Your favorite household products you consume

40. Track your home maintenance

41. Home projects for the future

Money Bullet Journal Page Ideas

These list ideas will help you save and budget like a pro!  Budgeting doesn’t have to be boring, just create a colorful and fun bullet journal page for your finances! 

42. Savings tracker

43. Budget tracker

44.  Bill payment tracker

45. Debt payment tracker

46. Things to do on a no spend weekend

47. Fun money saving challenges

Travel Bullet Journal Collection Ideas

Travel lists are something you can add to your bujo that’ll make you sooo happy!  My favorite travel list idea is to write down your favorite memory from each vacation!  You can also add in pictures as well! 

48. Vacation bucket list

49. Places you’ve traveled to

50. Packing List

51. Travel itinerary

52. Favorite vacation memories

53. Vacation fund challenge

Self Improvement

54. Goals: Monthly & yearly

55. Anytime resolutions (you don’t have to wait for New Year’s)

56. Self help books you want to read or listen to

57. Favorite self improvement websites

58. Your best qualities

59. Your worst qualities & how you can improve them


Holidays are way less hectic if you take time to plan. Keep track of all your friend’s birthdays or holiday gifts!

60. Birthdays

61. Birthday or holiday wishlist (Yours and/or others)

62. Christmas or Holiday Present Savings Tracker

63. Favorite holiday recipes

64. Holiday gift ideas

65. Your favorite holiday memories each year

66. Seasonal Bucket Lists: Fall bucket lists, summer bucket lists etc.


This category is fun because it is something you can share with your kids.  Maybe you guys can sit down together to come up with ideas (for example books to read your children).

67. Chore List

68. Books you want to read or have read to your children

69. Fun kid friendly activities

70. Your favorite memory with your child each year

71. Your kiddo’s schedule

72. Your child’s favorite things for  the year. List things like their favorite color, movie, candy, animal, etc. It’s funny how sometimes it can change from year to year!


Hey, don’t forget your fur babies!  You can keep track of them in your bullet journal too. 

73. Vet exams

74. Date of last vaccinations or medication

75. Grooming tracker: Never wonder when was the last time you gave your dog a bath.


Here are some other random list ideas I found for you guys!

76. Favorite memories

77. Favorite scriptures

78. Favorite quotes

79. Gratitude list

80. Website Passwords

81. Ongoing to do list

82. Emergency Contacts

83. Who you voted for every year

84. Date night ideas

85. Favorite blogs/websites










About the Author

Annie Brown is a frugal living expert and the founder of Savvy Honey.

Her expert advice has also been featured in Buzzfeed, MSN, Yahoo Finance, GOBanking Rates, Woman's Day, The Spruce Crafts, and more.

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  1. Hi from Brazil! I just found your blog and i’m reading all of it! This list of lists is great, thank you.

    1. Hi Carla. So glad you like the blog, that is so nice! You are very welcome, I would love to see Brazil one day! 🙂

  2. Mary Reardon says:

    Thank you so much for your blog.
    I am in my mid 60’s ( 63yo.). And hoping to return back to school.
    Probably in the fall 2023.
    I was looking for ways to study some class subjects. Routine to stay on top of this. I was in the Medical field for 40yo. Now retired. So now I am taking time, and reviewing subjects, I need.
    Your planning ideas are fantastic.
    I will need continuities in my life and basically practice these skills.
    T So, this is going to be independent studies all the extras.
    But, it will be a serious time for me. I wish I found you Years ago. I did great with my classes, but I am unorganized.
    Thank you again for your help.

    1. Hi Maryann. Good luck going back to school, that’s awesome. Thanks for your kind words, I’m glad you find this post helpful. Take care and hope your 2022 is great.

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