DIY Easter Decor Ideas

Easy DIY Farmhouse Easter Decorations For Your Home


One way to add some instant spring to your home ASAP is by adding some cute Easter decor around your home!

Today I’m going share with you a couple super easy spring decorating ideas! Both DIY farmhouse Easter decorations are so adorable!

  • First is a quick table arrangement you can whip up fast. All you need is a mason jar, some decorative eggs and  artificial flowers.
  • The second is a farmhouse style container with a sweet little nest and eggs peeking out the top.

DIY Cheap Easter Decorations

Both ideas are very simple to assemble, you can make them in five minutes or less!!

Another bonus is these DIY Easter decor ideas are very cheap to make! Both projects combined only costed me $15!

All supplies for this post were purchased from Hobby Lobby. One tip to save money if you shop there is they typically always have a 40% off single full price item coupon on their website.

I just pull it up on my phone and show it to the cashier at checkout. There’s usually a lot of sales as well.  If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby near you, most craft stores should carry the same type of items.


Easy DIY Spring Table Arrangement

This mason jar arrangement would be darling on your Easter table, on a side table or even in your bathroom since the arrangement artificial and won’t wilt.

DIY Easter Decorations

Craft Supplies

  • Mason Jar
  • Colorful Artificial Styrofoam Robin’s Eggs (I love the speckled pattern, it adds great dimension!)
  • ArtificialStems in a mixture of spring colors
  • 2 inch piece of wire (optional)


  1. Take your spring stems and arrange them in your hands how you want them.  There is really no right or wrong way to to this, place them however you like.
  2. Secure the little “bouquet” you made with a piece of thin wire.  Simply wrap it around the bouquet a few times. This prevents the bottom of the stems from sticking out all different ways. This part is optional, but makes everything look a little cleaner.
  3. Grab your mason jar and remove the lid.  Screw back the metal part that goes around the mason jar, but leave the flat circle top off.
  4.   Fill the jar with your artificial bird eggs. I tried to place them in a few at a time so I could manipulate the colors that would show in the front.  I didn’t want too much of one color showing.
  5. Quick tip: Most eggs I’ve seen like this have a seam sticking up.   I didn’t want that to show, so I used a ruler , to flip that side away from the front of my display.
  6. Place your bouquet into the mason jar and make sure to “fluff” everything up. Put all the finishing touches on your arrangement by making sure all the stems are in the right place and look full.


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Spring DIY Decor

This next spring decor idea is very cute and versatile. You’ll have so much fun making the moss bird’s nest!

It would look cute on your coffee table, in your kitchen or just about anywhere you want to add a little farmhouse style to. 

Easter Decor Craft

Here’s another picture from the top so you can see the “nest”  better.

Spring DIY Decorations

DIY Project Supplies

  • Container (I used a galvanized metal container, it was under $10…score!)
  • Colorful Artificial Robin’s Eggs
  • Moss (Since I wanted myn to be colorful, I went with purple. You could go with any color or the natural mossy green color.)
  • Shredded paper or tissue paper


  1. Take your container and stuff it with crinkled paper or tissue paper. Stuff it high enough so it will prop the “nest” up.  I didn’t stuff the last inch of my container, this may vary a bit depending on your container or how high you want your nest to be.
  2. Now we’re going make the base of our moss nest. First put a layer of moss on top of  your crinkled paper or tissue paper. Smoosh and separate the moss to get an even layer.  There’s really no exact science to this lol.
  3. To build up the side of the nest, simply place moss all around the outer rim of your container. Again, I would kind of pull the moss to separate it, and layer it to get the height. The moss was pretty easy to manipulate.
  4. Quick tip: The most important thing is that the bottom of the nest is sunk in, and the sides are higher.  Just like a real nest.
  5. Place your eggs in the nest. Visually I prefer odd numbers, so I opted for three eggs. You can use as many eggs as you like.  It may vary for you depending on the size of your eggs.


Quick Note…

Remember, with both projects you can really customize it to your taste and color palette.

Don’t want such bright colors?  Stick to more neutrals and whites.

For the floral arrangement you could use just about any stems you like.  Some pretty lavender or any other spring blooms would work as well!


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