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16 Best DIY Father’s Day Gifts Every Dad Will Brag About

These DIY Father’s Day gifts are sure to impress any dad. From homemade BBQ rub to essential oil men’s cologne and DIY coasters, there’s something for every type of dad.

There are also plenty of cute and easy Father’s Day gift ideas the kids can help make.

Show your love and appreciation this Father’s Day by making your dad one of these thoughtful homemade gifts that’ll mean more to him than anything store-bought.

DIY BBQ Rub Gift

BBQ rub in a jar.
Photo Credit: xoxoBella

If your dad is a grillmaster, he’ll love this homemade BBQ rub gift. It includes free printable labels and a delicious BBQ rub recipe.

Get the Directions: DIY BBQ Rub Gift

Father’s Day DIY Beer Gift

DIY beer gift.
Photo Credit: Hunny I’m Home DIY

Made using the Cricut, this DIY beer flight board is a unique Father’s Day gift idea. Gift it with some beer and your dad will be one happy camper.

Get the Directions: Father’s Day DIY Beer Gift

Dad’s Stache Jar

Stache jar for dad.
Photo Credit: Oh My! Creative

Every dad needs a little stash of treats that he doesn’t have to share with anyone. The mustache is such a cute touch, and calling it Dad’s “stache” is so clever.

Get the Directions: Dad’s Stache Jar

Rock’n Father’s Day Picture Frame

Picture frame with rocks on a wooden table.
Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

This DIY rock picture frame is such a one-of-a-kind gift idea. Included is a free Cricut SVG file to make the vinyl lettering.

There are five different phrase options to choose from, such as “Dad, you’re the rock our family leans on” and “Have a rock’n Father’s Day.”

Even if you don’t have a Cricut, you could still follow the directions to make the rock frame and design something in Canva using the phrases and print it out.

Get the Directions: Rock’n Father’s Day Picture Frame

Golf Ball Truffles

Truffles that look like a golfball on grass.
Photo Credit: SugarHero

These white chocolate golf ball truffles are a yummy food gift for any golfer. You could either gift a box of just the golf ball truffles or include the “grass” brownies.

Get the Directions: Golf Ball Truffles

Candy and Lottery Ticket Bouquet

Bouquet with candy and lottery tickets.
Photo Credit: Everyday Shortcuts

This bouquet is made with an assortment of your dad’s favorite candy and scratch-off lottery tickets. The step-by-step directions make it very easy to make.

Get the Directions: Candy and Lottery Ticket Bouquet

DIY Photo Holder

DIY Photo Holder on a wooden table.
Photo Credit: Simply Designing

This gift is inexpensive to make and you can customize it for your dad by using different paper.

What’s cool about this gift is unlike picture frames that take more effort to change the picture, you can easily change the picture throughout the year.

Get the Directions: DIY Photo Holder

Nuts About You Father’s Day Gift Idea

Jars of nuts on a wooden table.
Photo Credit: Simply Designing

Show Dad you’re nuts about him by making this cute holder filled with nuts. You could also fill it with some trail mix that has nuts in it.

Get the Directions: Nuts About You Father’s Day Gift Idea

Map Coasters

DIY map coasters.
Photo Credit: The Boondocks Blog

If your dad likes to travel or loves maps, these DIY coasters will be his favorite gift.

You could also swap out the map for any paper or pictures and use the same technique for making the coasters.

Get the Directions: Map Coasters

Handprint BBQ Apron

Apron with a handprint lion.
Photo Credit: On My Kids Plate

This handmade gift that the kids can help make is the cutest. Making a lion out of handprints is a genius idea.

Any dad who is king of the grill and has little ones would love this sentimental gift.

Get the Directions: Handprint BBQ Apron

Essential Oils Men’s Cologne

A bottle of cologne on a table.
Photo Credit: One Crazy Mom

Buying cologne can be expensive, but making it is way cheaper. Different essential oil combinations are included.

Get the Directions: Essential Oils Men’s Cologne

Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrapper

DIY Candy bar wrapper.
Photo Credit: Artsy Fartsy Mama

This gift goes beyond just being a candy bar holder. There’s a fillable section where your kids can write sweet things about their dad.

You could also stash some gift cards in there too.

Get the Directions: Father’s Day Candy Bar Wrapper

Father’s Day Handprint Art

Handprint art in a frame.
Photo Credit: Simplify Create Inspire

This personalized gift will be treasured for years to come. Your kids will have a blast making handprint art.

Get the Directions: Father’s Day Handprint Art

Toolbox Gift Basket

Gift basket made of a toolbox.
Photo Credit: Everyday Shortcuts

Fill a gift basket with tools, treats, and snacks. There’s a list of things to include in this gift basket so you’ll have plenty of ideas.

Get the Directions: Toolbox Gift Basket

Chocolate Mustache Pops

Chocolate Mustache Pops
Photo Credit: A Country Girl’s Life

If Dad loves sweets, he’ll enjoy these chocolate mustache pops. The printable tag is a sweet touch.

Get the Directions: Chocolate Mustache Pops

BBQ Seasoning Mix Jars

BBQ seasoning mix in a jar.
Photo Credit: Sustain My Craft Habit

These adorable BBQ seasoning jars are made with a Cricut. You can either use store-bought seasoning or the BBQ rub recipe from xoxoBella in this post is tasty.

Get the Directions: DIY BBQ Seasoning Mix Jars

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