Gift Wrapping Ideas

9 Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

You’ve shopped for everyone on your list, now the fun part begins.  It’s time to wrap it up in ribbons and in bows! These gift wrapping ideas for Christmas will help you channel your inner creative elf.

One of my favorite things about Christmas is gift wrapping because the recipient feels like you wrapped it special just for them.  And in all honesty, I also get a lot of joy out of spending time wrapping, even if the person doesn’t notice lol.

Whether you are a seasoned wrapper or gift wrapping challenged, these ideas are super easy! Below are some creative DIY ways to gift wrap your presents for the holidays. Let me know in the comments below how you liked them!

1. Use sticker letters to spell out a personalized message to your recipient.

Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

2. To easily wrap awkwardly shaped items, tie off either side of your gift with ribbon.

Gift Wrap Ideas

3. Decorate plain boxes with washi tape. The design possibilities are endless!

Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

4. Add a 3-D element to add depth to your package, like these poinsettias pictured below.

Gift Wrapping Ideas

5. Everyone loves Christmas lights! Wrap battery operated LED lights around your Christmas gift.

Gift Wrapping Ideas For Christmas

Wrap your gift first, then simply wrap LED lights around your gift and affix the battery pack on the back.  Super cool, huh?

6. Use ornaments as gift toppers. Snag them on sale or at the dollar store!

Gift Wrap Ideas for Christmas

Gift Wrapping Ideas Without A Box

No box?  No problem!  Below are a few easy ideas to wrap your gifts without a box!

7. Wrap your gift in a dish towel!

Gift Wrapping Ideas

This idea is so cute and very environmentally friendly because no gift wrap is going to waste. If you want a really cute hostess or teacher gift idea, there is some delish coffee and chocolate wrapped up in the dish towel gift I made below.

Find a cute Christmas dish towel and simply pull the corners to the top of the item and tie a ribbon around it to hold everything together.  I added a glittery bow ornament from the Dollar Store to give it a little sparkle!

8. Ditch your wrapping paper & opt for tissue paper.

This hack is especially great if you are shipping gifts because boxes can add a lot of weight and cost you more money to ship.  I like to use tulle to make a bow because it packs really well.

9. Use cookie sheets to make a creative “box”.

Cheap Holiday Gifts Dollar Store

Use cookie sheets as a “box” to wrap cookie baking essentials.  Oh and don’t forget to top off your package with cookie cutters!

Just in case you were wondering, below are all the baking goodies that are inside.  This gift and wrapping was actually all from the Dollar Store and was originally featured in my post Dollar Store Gift Ideas!Cheap Christmas Gifts Dollar Store










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