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20 Low Carb Dinners – Quick & Easy (Keto)

Looking for some quick and easy low carb dinners? This post is jam-packed full of low-carb dinners you can make in thirty minutes or less.

You’re going love these yummy keto dinners and don’t forget you can make some of these ahead of time or cook up bigger batches to last longer.

This is going save you so much time during the week & simplify your meal prep for the week!


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When I say thirty minutes, this includes prep and cook time! Have you noticed how some recipes are sneaky and say 30 minutes, but this is just the prep time and you have to spend another 40 minutes cooking it? No one has time for that lol.

So be sure to check out these twenty low-carb dinner ideas and comment below and let me know how you liked them!

20 Low Carb Dinners For Your Keto Diet

1. Cashew Chicken (Via Keto Connect)

Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 25 minutes

You can still enjoy some of your favorite Asian dishes on a low carb diet.  Normally cashew chicken has either honey or sugar as an ingredient, so it’s usually a no-no if you’re watching your carbs.

This recipe won’t make you feel like you are missing out on anything, it is that good! If you have a little more time, there is also a cauliflower fried rice recipe you can make with it…YUM!

2. Shrimp Alfredo (Via ruled.me)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 25 minutes or less (Please note, this is my estimate based on the ingredients & cooking directions.)

You can make this dish all in one pot, which will make clean up a breeze. Someone commented on the recipe that they served over zoodles, which sounds amazing!

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3. Chimichurri Chicken Skewers (Via Tastes Lovely)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

This recipe is very healthy, using only whole and fresh ingredients. Fire up the grill and invite some friends and family over because this dish is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

4. Turkey Lettuce Wrap Tacos (Via Kalyn’s Kitchen)

low carb dinners

Ready in 16 minutes

Who would have thought you could have a healthy dinner ready in only 16 minutes?  Now you can bring back taco Tuesdays because you have a delicious low carb option!

Want to make clean up a breeze?

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5. Garlic Parmesan Chicken Tenders (Via Joy Filled Eats)

Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

This quick dinner only takes five minutes to prep, so you can throw it in the oven and relax or get some stuff done while it’s cooking.

If you have kids, you know it might be a struggle for them to like some of your low carb food, not so with these chicken tenders.  Joy shared that her children love this dinner!

6. Egg Roll in a Bowl (Via Peace, Love and Low Carb)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes 

Also known as crack slaw, you’ll find it hard not to go back for seconds! This is one of my go to meals because it is so easy and I never seem to get tired of it!

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7. Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast (Via Wholesome Yum)

Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

Rich and satisfying, the spinach in this chicken recipe is a great way to sneak in some extra iron. You can prepare this ahead of time or freeze it, making it a great meal prep option for the week.

8. Chili Verde Chicken Empanadas (Via Mince Republic)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 27 minutes

In another keto post I feautured some of Kayla’s empanadas, but I couldn’t resist sharing another one because she came out with this delectable looking chili verde variation!

The low carb fathead dough is cooked to golden perfection and stuffed with a gooey cheese and chicken mixture…you need to make these ASAP!

9. Turkey Meatballs with Pesto (Via KetoDiet Blog)
Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

Meatballs are typically served with a tomato based sauce, but serving them with pesto is genius. Martina from KetoDiet Blog also throws out the idea of serving them with zucchini noodles…can’t wait to try this!

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Keto Dinner Recipes

Ready in 30 minutes

This tamale pie made with ground beef will sure sure to be a favorite in your home (even for people who aren’t eating low carb).  The pie crust alone is to die for!

11. Pizza Pockets (Via Ditch the Carbs)

low carb dinners

Ready in 15 minutes

When a pizza craving strikes, you can have some of these pizza pockets ready in no time!

Libby from Ditch the Carbs (do check out her awesome blog) gives you some tasty filling ideas, but you can really customize these to your taste!

12. Orange Chicken (Via KetoDiet Blog)Low Carb Dinners


Ready in 20 minutes

Are you missing Chinese takeout?  Just whip up this amazing orange chicken recipe. At the bottom of the recipe she lists some yummy suggested side dishes that complement the chicken perfectly.



13. Cauliflower Mac N Cheese (Via Mince Republic)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 25 minutes (Please note, this is my estimate based on the ingredients & cooking directions.)

Nothing like some good old comfort food to really hit the spot.  I’m telling you, you want even miss the pasta!

14. Keto Chili (Via ruled.me)

Low-carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

Craig from ruled.me came up with this recipe because he didn’t always have six hours to simmer chili, you may not either (I know I don’t!). He tops his off with some jalapeños for a little kick!

15. Beef Ramon with Zoodles (Via Living Chirpy)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

Hearty and packed full of healthy veggies, you can make this recipe in one pot. Don’t forget to check out the helpful instructional video!

16. Lemon Sherry Chicken (Via Peace, Love and Low Carb)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

Besides being a fan of quick meals, I also love it when recipes don’t use a lot of ingredients. This flavorful dish only uses five ingredients, so it is beyond easy!

The zingy and fresh flavor of the lemon is so refreshing!

17. Portobello Mushroom Crust Pizza (Via Keto Size Me)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

Using portobello mushroom caps as pizza “crust” is so clever. Making our carb filled favorites into low carb versions can sometimes be a creative adventure in the kitchen.

18. Buffalo Muenster Chicken Skillet (Via Keto Connect)

Easy Keto Dinners

Ready in 20 minutes 

This one pan chicken meal is a must try and the buffalo flavor gives this dish a nice kick.

19. Rosemary Dill Salmon (Via Keto Size Me)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 25 minutes

Sometimes unexpected flavor combinations are the best and this rings true for combining rosemary with dill for this dish.  Add a side of steamed veggies and you have the perfect meal!

20. Butter Chicken (Via Keto Connect)Low Carb Dinners

Ready in 30 minutes

When we go out for Indian food, hands down my favorite dish is butter chicken, so the bar was high when trying this dish.  Let me tell you, this recipe did not disappoint and is a must try if you love butter chicken!

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