Keto Dinner Recipes

20 Easy Keto Dinner Recipes For Your Low Carb Diet

If you are looking for some tasty ketogenic dinner recipes to add to your weekly meal rotation, look no further than these easy keto dinners.  These dishes are definitely crowd pleasers, so if you are cooking for others not on the keto diet, you won’t go any complaints!

Some of you may miss things like pizza, nachos, tacos, and fried chicken.  For you guys, I found some yummy keto versions of all your favorite dishes. Being on the keto diet doesn’t mean you have to feel deprived!

Be sure to check out these awesome keto dinner recipes below and tell me how they turned out!

1. Meatlovers Pizza (Via Ditch the Carbs)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

When making keto pizza, fathead pizza crust is definitely the way to go.  The base of fathead pizza dough is low carb flour/meal and different cheeses. It is mandatory if you are on the keto diet (just kidding), but if you love pizza you should definitely try it!

Ditch The Carbs has definitely perfected fathead pizza dough and it is my go to recipe when making keto pizza.  They also give you tons of topping suggestions.

Ditch The Carbs is one of my favorite keto blogs that has tons of recipes, as well as helpful keto articles! Be sure to check them out!

2. Creamy Ranch Pork Chops (Via 730 Sage Street)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

These panned seared pork chops are topped off with a decadent and creamy ranch sauce that is so good, you’ll forget you’re even on a diet! What I love is the simplicity of this dish, it is made with whole food ingredients that are going to nourish your body.

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 3. Ground Beef Empanadas (Via Mince Republic)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

These keto friendly beef empanadas are perfect when you are craving something savory and delicious. You feel like you are “cheating” on the keto diet, when you really aren’t. As an added bonus you can freeze these and reheat them, which is great if you like to prep your meals ahead of time.

4. Keto Lasagna (Via Peace, Love and Low Carb)Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

If you’ve been on keto for awhile, you’ve probably tried some not so stellar pasta dishes.  This is not one of those recipes, this lasagna tastes like the real thing!

The secret is in her tasty “noodle” recipe. Unlike most keto “pastas” I’ve tried, she doesn’t use veggies.  If you love lasagna, this is a must try for sure!

 5. Easy Tamale Pie Casserole (Via Wholesome Yum)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

If you’re looking for a quick meal on those days when you just don’t feel like cooking, this easy tamale pie casserole only takes thirty minutes to make (including cooking time). She even gives you a homemade enchilada sauce recipe (YUM!) or you can buy it premade.

6. Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Peppers (Via Kalyn’s Kitchen)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Stuffed peppers are always delicious, but pizza stuffed peppers?  Umm, INSANELY delicious! If you’re craving pizza and don’t want to break your keto diet, this recipe will definitely satisfy your craving.

7. Egg Roll in a Bowl (Via Keto Connect)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

If you’re craving some Chinese takeout, you can whip this dish up in thirty minutes or less. You can prepare this meal in one pan, which makes cleanup a breeze.  Bonus points for such a clever name!

8. Meatball Casserole Parmesan (Via Joy Filled Eats)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

You really can’t go wrong with meatballs for dinner.  This casserole of hearty meatballs cooked to perfection will leave you completely full and satisfied. Family and friends will be sure to ask for seconds!

If you need some more keto meal ideas, be sure to follow my Keto Recipes Board on Pinterest!!!

9. Nacho Steak Skillet (Via

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Nothing quite warms your soul like comfort food and these nachos are no exception.  This recipe is filled with tons of yummy nacho toppings and is a definite crowd pleaser.

 10. Chicken Alfredo (Via Wholesome Yum)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Traditional chicken Alfredo is one of the most carb filled dishes out there.  This recipe ditches the pasta for healthy spaghetti squash “noodles”, making it keto compliant.  Add an out of this world homemade Alfredo sauce  and you have the best dinner ever!

11. Beefy and Cheesy Green Chile Bake (Via Kalyn’s Kitchen)

Ketogenic Dinner RecipesIf you’re looking to spice up your dinner, this green chili bake will be your new go to favorite.  Casseroles are great on those busy days because you can always prep them ahead of time and pop them in the oven when you get home.

12. Oven Baked Southern Fried Chicken (Via KetoDiet Blog)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

This Southern fried chicken is baked to golden perfection and will leave your taste buds really happy.  These are also fabulous eaten cold the next day.

Here’s some more keto dinner ideas:

 13. Steak Tacos (Via Hey Keto Mama)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

This might be the most creative recipe on the list because the tortillas are made with pork rinds. The pork rinds really give these delish steak tacos a nice crunch.  Perfect for taco Tuesday!

 14. Two Cheese Pesto Chicken (Via Ditch The Carbs)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Honestly, pesto always makes everything taste better! This pesto chicken is the easiest dinner to make and contains only four ingredients. With only ten minutes of prep time, it doesn’t get much better than this!

This is one of my go to meals I make over and over because it is unbelievably yummy and super easy to make! For even more amazing keto recipes, be sure to check out Ditch The Carbs.

 15. Pork Chop with Creamy Lemon Sauce (Via Mince Republic)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

These parmesan and pork rind crusted pork chops are the ultimate feast.  Top off with some creamy homemade lemon sauce and you’ll think you died and went to keto heaven.

16. Cheesy Taco Casserole (Via Keto Size Me)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

With this casserole, just think tacos plus loads of gooey cheese (yum).  One serving gives you 37g of fat with only 3g of carbs, which is quite impressive. Yet another option to have on taco Tuesday!

17. White Chicken Chili (Via Hey Keto Mama)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Seriously this chili is so good, you won’t even notice it doesn’t have any beans. You can make this dinner with or without a crock pot and can freeze it as well. This is one fabulous weekday meal!

 18. Caprese Chicken (Via Keto Connect)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Breaded chicken with fresh mozzarella and tomatoes sounds absolutely divine. One reason I love Keto Connect so much is they are kind of like keto scientists (lol), they try out so many things and perfect their recipes until they are just right.

After tinkering with tons of low carb breading ideas, they came up with the perfect breading that actually gets crispy. If you haven’t already, you might want to take a look at Keto Connect, they have loads of creative and yummy keto recipes.

19. Bacon Wrapped & Cheese Stuffed Burgers (Via Keto Diet Blog)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

A bacon wrapped burger doesn’t get much better, that is until you stuff it with cheese. The method she uses to stuff the burgers is actually quite clever, you should take a look!

20. Rosemary Dill Salmon (Via Keto Size Me)

Ketogenic Dinner Recipes

Keto is all about the fat and this wonderful dill sauce will help you reach your fat goal for the day.  Salmon is  healthy because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is high in B vitamins.

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