DIY Canvas Art with yellow initials with painted dot background

Easy DIY Canvas Art Initials Painting (For Kids & Adults!)

This DIY canvas art initial painting is a great way to personalize your home. Displaying your initials or letter of your first name is a great way to make your space cozy and make your house feel like your own!

Now if you’re looking for some wall art for kids’ rooms, these would be so sweet hanging up!

What I love about this letter art craft idea is it’s so versatile.  It’s a fun activity to do whether you are a kid, teenager, or adult. The color palette choices are endless when you’re creating this DIY project!

If you have little ones, this easy initials painting activity will keep them busy for quite some time.

It would be a fun project to have everyone in your family make together. Arrange all of your family’s creations on a collage wall in your house.

How cute would that be?  Even just having your kid’s first letter of their name or initials and displaying them all together would be adorable as well!

Some DIY canvas painting ideas are hard or require a lot of time.  Don’t worry, this will be one of the easiest DIY projects you’ve ever made!

(Not to mention it’s pretty cheap to make, which is always a plus.)


Easy DIY Canvas Art Initials Painting

This fun initial canvas painting is perfect for when you’re feeling creative or want a fun DIY project to keep your kids busy!

You’re going to have a blast stamping colorful dots on your canvas using a pencil eraser of all things!  Clever right?

Let me know how they turned out!

Either leave a comment below or snap a picture and add it to my pin here.  I want to see your creations and you might inspire someone else seeing the pin!

Initial Canvas Painting - Colorful dots on yellow canvas and "S" "H" in yellow

DIY Canvas Letter Art Supplies

  • Canvas
  • Letter Stickers
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush (Optional)
  • Ruler (Optional)
  • Paint Palette (Optional)

Notes on Supplies:

    • Canvas: For this project, I used small canvases. They were 16″ x 20″. I found letter stickers that worked well size-wise with the smaller canvas.  You can use a bigger canvas if you like, you just need to find bigger sticker letters.
    • Letter Stickers: As mentioned before the size of your letters will depend on your canvas size.  While in the store I held up the stickers next to the canvas to make sure they weren’t too big or too small.
    • Paint Palette: You can find reusable paint palettes for pretty cheap.  If you’re short on cash or just don’t have one handy, just use some cardboard (unless your paint is really runny).


DIY Canvas Wall Art Directions


Step #1: Select the colors to use for your project. 

You can use a couple or a bunch of colors, it’s really up to you!

Another cool idea is to stick to one color, but make that color lighter or darker.  Add black to darken the color and white to lighten the color.

This part is optional but choose a color to paint your canvas as well. You can skip painting the canvas, just know your letter will end up being the natural color of the canvas.


Step #2: If you want your letter to be a color, paint your entire canvas (even the outer edges).

If you don’t mind your letter being the natural color of the canvas, then this step is not necessary. When out shopping for this project I noticed some black canvases that would be really neat to use.  Your letter would be black and the colors would really pop.

To paint the canvas, I used a flat brush about 1″ wide or you could use a foam brush. Really any bigger brush you have around your house would work just fine. Some people add a little water to their acrylic paint to thin it out, but I wanted the color to be vibrant, so I didn’t add any water.


Step #3: Let your canvas dry if you decided to paint it.

Dry time will vary depending on the paint and how thick you applied the paint.


Step #4: Apply your letter stickers to your canvas. 

DIY Canvas Painting with letter stickers on yellow canvas and grey backgroud

Try your best to center them to the canvas and use a ruler if you need to. I centered my letters but you can also play around with arranging them differently.

Helpful Tip: When you are determining where to put your letters, don’t stick them down with pressure.  Just lightly put the sticker on the canvas so you can easily peel it off if you don’t like the placement.

The sticker is going to block any paint from getting on the canvas, so when you remove it you will have a letter in the color you painted the canvas (or the natural color of the canvas).


Step #5: Now here’s the fun part!  Dip the eraser of the pencil in paint and stamp dots on your canvas.  

DIY Canvas Wall Art, pencil making purple dots on yellow canvas, inital "A" on canvas

There really is no right or wrong way to make your dots (and to make art for that matter). For some of the dots I pressed down hard, others not so much.  Sometimes I’d dip the eraser in a lot of paint, other times not as much.

The key to this project is really layering the dots.  But again, how layered you want them is really up to you.  I made myn with a lot of dot layers, you could make yours with spaced out dots and it would still turn out great.


DIY Project Tips

Here are a few additional tips for you when making this DIY canvas craft.

      • Metallic colors didn’t seem to come out as vibrant.  Now, I’m not staying to stay clear of metallic colors, they just didn’t seem to show up as well on the canvas. Use a little bit more paint and press the eraser down more firmly when using metallic paint.
      • Sometimes my letters would start coming up a bit. This only happened when I put them on a painted canvas, not an unpainted one.  It didn’t ruin the project, I just had to keep going over the stickers with my hands to flatten them out.  You won’t run into this issue if you don’t paint your canvas first.
      • Have fun and embrace imperfection. Every dot might look different and you might even mess up some dots. That’s okay, you can always just use another color and stamp more dots onto your “mistake”.

DIY Crafts For Kids, Adults & Teenagers

DIY Canvas Art For Kids

As mentioned earlier if you have kids, this is a fun activity to keep them busy for a while. Depending on your child’s age, you may have to help them center the sticker and put it on the canvas. After that, they can go to town with the paint!

For another variation of this project, you could not even use the initials and just have them dot the entire canvas. They could even just make designs with the dots. There are so many possibilities!


Hope you had fun making these

Painted Initials DIY Canvas Crafts!


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  1. Hi! This is a great site – thanks. Wondering, what type of letter stickers did you use? I am seeing a lot that have a permanent adhesive – would you suggest a specific brand or type? I would like to make sure I can peel them off once the kids are done painting. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lisa. I bought mine at Michaels, unfortunately, I do not know the brand, sorry about that. They were just regular self-adhesive stickers and peeled off pretty easily. On paper, they would have probably been hard to remove but on the canvas it was really easy to peel off. Sorry, I don’t know the exact brand, hope that helps.

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