Fall Activities For Kids

15 Super Fun Fall & Halloween Activities And Crafts For Kids


With summer turning into fall, it is a great time to start thinking about fall activities for kids. Some of these activities are great family fun and others will keep them busy for hours while you’re trying to get stuff done around the house.

From fun craft projects to activities, you will find something your child will enjoy on this list.  An added bonus is many of these fall activities are cheap as well.  No need to break the bank to have a good time this fall!

Check out my list of awesome fall activities for kids. Comment below with your favorite things you do with your kids in the fall!

Fall Activities & Crafts For Kids

1. Make Halloween or Thanksgiving cards

Fall Kid Activities

Making cards is such a fun activity and people always love to receive handmade cards from the kiddos. Have them make cards for family members and friends to keep them busy for hours!

The dollar store is a great place to pick up inexpensive supplies.  You can get construction paper, kid scissors, stickers, glitter, glue, markers etc. on the cheap!

2. Make corn husk dolls

Corn husk dolls are a fall activity classic and something you will love making with your kids.  You may have to help your little ones out with this project, but it is something fun you can guys can do together!

The YouTube tutorial below from The Woodland Elf gives your really clear directions on how to make these fall corn husk dolls.

3. Jumping in leaves or having a leaf “fight”

Fall time for kids always means jumping in leaves and having some epic leaf fights. You just might want to partake in this one as well, you’re never to old to jump in leaves!

4. Pumpkin painting

Fall Activities For Kids

Pumpkin carving is fun, but something that sometimes requires parental help and supervision.  Painting pumpkins is a fun way to go, and you don’t have to worry about them cutting themselves.

5. Collect leaves on a fall walk

Go on a walk with your kids and bring a bag to collect fall leaves. This is a great time to teach them all about fall colors if they don’t know their colors already.

6. Make leaf collages

Fall Crafts For Kids

Use the fall leaves you collected on your walk to make these cute fall collages.  Have them arrange their design on the paper first, then glue the leaves down.  So cute!

7. Go apple picking

If you live close to apple orchards, your kids will love this fall outing.  You can have a contest to see who picks the most apples in a certain amount of time.

8. Decorating Fall/Halloween cupcakes
Fall Activities For Kids

Bake some cupcakes and let your children go to town decorating them!  Have all your kids do this or invite some neighbor kids over, everyone loves a good cupcake decorating party.

Check out my post 10 Scary Easy Halloween Cupcake Ideas for some inspiration!

9. Take your kids to a harvest festival

Harvest festivals will get you in the fall spirit and they usually have tons of fun crafts and activities for your kids to do.  Your child’s school may host one, another place to check is your county website or local churches in your area.

10. Free fall and Halloween coloring pages

There are tons of free Halloween and Thanksgiving coloring page printables on Pinterest.  Just do a quick search and print them out or buy some seasonal coloring books.

11. Make slime in festive colors

Fun Fall Crafts & Activities

Slime is such a great sensory activity for kids. Here is an easy Halloween slime recipe from Little Bins For Little Hands. While you can use this recipe year around, choose festive colors for fall or Halloween.

12. Halloween dress up

Your kids don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up. Go to the Dollar Store or somewhere cheap and buy some Halloween costumes, witches hats, cat ears, etc.  You can also use past remnants from their old Halloween costumes or costume jewelry and attire you have hanging around the house.

13. Paint leaves

Painting leaves is such a cool craft idea.  Lay down some leaves on top of newspaper and have your kids paint them with acrylic paint. They can also jazz up their leaves with glitter.  Let dry and let them admire their masterpieces!

14. Play corn hole bean bag toss

Fall Activities For Kids

Cornhole is a seriously fun game that not only your kids can enjoy, but the whole family as well.

Get a cornhole game here. This one is pretty cool because it’s collapsible so you can store it easily or take it with you to the park.

Check out the kid’s rules for cornhole.  The boards are placed further apart with the adult rules, but the kid’s rules takes into account that your little ones can’t throw as far.

15. Have an apple hunt

So you’ve heard of an Easter egg hunt, but how about a fall apple hunt?  Hide some apples in your back yard and let your kiddos find them.  You could even hide a few treat bags as well! You can do this with mini pumpkins too.

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