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8 Keto Diet Tips For Weight Loss That Are Surprisingly Easy

Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro when it comes to the keto diet, these ketogenic tips are going help you out. Whenever I do something, whether it be a diet or hobby, I always like to be continuously learning new things. You probably do as well or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Anyway, I could keep talking about these keto tips, but I’d rather just get right down to it and cut all the fluff!  Below you will find seven awesome ketogenic tips that’ll help you make your keto diet journey easier.

These are very simple, yet effective tricks to have success on your ketogenic diet.

What are your favorite keto hacks and tricks?  Share them below, we all would love to know!


1. Figure out your macros the easy way (no math required).

Macros are something that really confuse people on the keto diet. The Cliff Notes version of macros is they are short for macronutrients and consist of carbs, protein and fat. Balancing your macros is key when trying to reach ketosis or being successful on the keto diet.

Calculating macros yourself involves multiple math equations. Maybe you’re someone who loves to know the “why” behind everything or loves math, in which case I recommend you read this in-depth post by Ketogasm. This post will show you how to calculate your macros and way more background information about macros (unlike my very brief explanation above lol).

But, for the rest of you people who love time saving shortcuts or are too lazy to solve math equations (umm, that’s me), try this keto macro calculator from  This calculator does all the grunt work for you and is super easy to use.

Also worth mentioning is calculating your macros (whichever way you choose) will never be 100% perfect for you. You may have some trial and error with it before you find your optimal macro level.

Go by how you feel and your weight loss results.  Figuring out your macros is a great start, but think of them as general guidelines.

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2. Having a keto meal plan will give you structure and help you succeed.

When I first started keto, I didn’t follow a specific plan and tried figuring out everything myself.  This didn’t work out for me too well, which was apparent after I gained five pounds.

My favorite meal plan I’ve had success with is this  Keto Fat Fueled Ebook! It includes a 30 day meal plan and 60 recipes!

If you’re completely new to keto, I’d recommend the Keto Beginning Ebook., which also has a 30 day meal plan and recipes to get you started!


3. Three words, keto reddit forums.

So you guys may or may not know about this, but the keto reddit forums are wonderful for finding new ideas and recipes and feeling like you’re part of a little keto community.

Personally I love  reading all the keto success stories, I find it keeps me motivated and on track. You may find it helpful too if that’s your thing.

By favorite keto Reddit forums are r/ketorecipes and r/keto. If you’re shy, you don’t have to post, just being a lurker (now that sounds creepy lol) will give you tons of keto inspiration and ideas. If you ever do have a question though, these keto forums are filled with knowledgable and helpful people.


4. Always keep a keto friendly freezer meal handy.

Sometimes we’re just too tired or lazy to cook. Maybe you’re in a household with non-keto people and your pantry is stocked with their food and not your keto food.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared and have something you can make in a pinch.

This can be as simple as a frozen steak you can thaw on the fly.  Cook in some butter with a side of frozen veggies and you have a pretty fast meal. Best of all you didn’t accidentally break your diet because you ran out of food.  You could also just freeze some leftovers as well or find some already made options in the freezer aisle.


5. You don’t have to drink bulletproof coffee to be successful on keto. If you hate it, ditch it!

So I love bulletproof coffee, but I admit I don’t drink it everyday.  You can find my  bulletproof coffee recipe here, along with ways to troubleshoot your coffee. If you hate bulletproof coffee, you may want to check out my post I mentioned above because it might  help you remedy the reason why you don’t like bulletproof coffee.

If you have tried  different ways and just don’t like it, that’s perfectly okay. Just because tons of people like it doesn’t mean you have to drink it to be successful on your diet.

I see a handful of comments and get emails from people saying they hate bulletproof coffee or it hurts their stomach. These people keep drinking it because they think it will help them and listen to all the hype around it.  If you hate it, don’t drink it, it’s that simple.

Plain old coffee or tea will still be fine and it won’t hinder your weight loss.  You can add fat to your diet in the foods you eat. No need to force yourself to drink something you hate everyday, that’s no way to start the day off right!


6. Make fat bombs to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Remember before how I said don’t deprive yourself?  There are so many yummy keto dessert options, but I like to make fat bombs because you can easily prep them in big batches ahead of time.  Then you’re able to have a “sweet” treat everyday of the week.

For some ideas, check out my post  30 Keto Dessert Fat Bombs!

If you’re looking for even more dessert ideas, this Dessert eCookbook is packed with keto desserts that don’t even taste low carb!

The mint chocolate chip ice cream and brownie recipes are my favorite!  YUM!


7. Have keto versions of all your favorite carby foods.

You don’t have to completely deprive yourself, you can make keto friendly versions of all your carb filled favs at home.  Just search Pinterest and you’ll find tons of recipes.  Same goes for desserts!

Follow my Keto Recipes Board here on Pinterest! I pin tons of yummy keto recipes to it daily!!


8. To learn new things about keto, think beyond blogs and websites.  Venture into the land of YouTube if you haven’t already.

I’ve heard so many knowledge bombs dropped on some of the keto videos I watch on YouTube

My favorite is  Keto Connect’s YouTube channel. You can also check out their blog here.  Without watching their grocery haul videos, I would never have found the best keto stuff at Trader Joe’s or Costco.  They have tons of other types of keto videos, take a look if you haven’t already.

Some other great keto people to check out on YouTube are Allie McWowieAshley Salvatori,  and Thomas DeLauer.




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