Gift card in mason jar cup with candy, red straw and ornament decoration

Creative DIY Christmas Gift Card Idea For The Holidays

If you’ve been on the hunt for creative gift card ideas for Christmas, look no further!  This is the cutest way to give gift cards for the holidays.

Your recipient will not only be thrilled to get a gift card but yummy chocolates and a mason jar cup as well!

Speaking of recipients…

This is the perfect gift for both people you know very well and others you are just acquainted with.

Because everyone loves gift cards, right?

These make a quick gift for family, friends, co-workers, teachers and anyone you want to show appreciation for this holiday season!

The mason jar cup with a straw I found is so adorable, but you could use any clear drink tumbler to hold all the goodies.

Now as you can see this present is for Christmas, but depending on the colors you use, you could do this for any occasion or holiday.  For example, for Valentine’s Day, you could fill the jar with heart candies and top off with a red and pink ribbon.

Hope you like this gift card holder idea below and let me know your favorite ideas for giving gift cards!


Creative DIY Gift Card Idea

This fun gift idea couldn’t be easier to put together!  

DIY holiday gift card in mason jar cup with candy and ornament topper

Supplies To Make Your Christmas Gift Card Gifts 

  • Christmas Candy
  • Gift Card
  • Mason Drinking Jar With Straw or cold drink tumbler
  • Ornament for decoration


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Holiday Gift Card Idea Directions

Fill the bottom of your mason jar with festive Christmas candy.  The chocolate I bought came in red, green and silver wrappers, but I chose to go with silver only.  You could, of course, go with multi-colored candies or whatever you want.

(As a side note, when it comes to the candy I would make sure it’s wrapped.  You don’t know where the gift card has been and I wouldn’t put it next to any food items without a wrapper.)

Next, add your gift card into the jar.  If your jar won’t close because of the gift card, take a little bit of candy out.

When you’re picking a gift card, try to find a holiday card or something festive.

And finally…

Finish it off with a cute little ornament around the straw. I found this snowflake ornament at the dollar store.  I don’t like spending a lot of money on toppers for gifts, so this was perfect!


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