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4 Cute DIY Christmas Slippers Gift Basket Ideas


Slippers are one of my favorite things to both give and receive for Christmas.  But, I wanted to do something a little different than just handing slippers out this year.

By the way, the original slippers I used are out of stock but these slippers from Amazon are so cute and comfy!!

Don’t forget to check out the end of my post for more recommendations for slippers and goodies you can use when you make your own gift!

DIY Christmas Slipper Gifts For Women

You might be thinking, why do you keep calling these gift baskets, there is no basket!

In a way, you are making your own gift basket using slippers as the basket.

Clever right?

Now I can’t take credit for this adorable gift.

Originally I saw this idea on Pretty Providence, which inspired me to come up with my own goodie filled slippers for Christmas to share with you!

Anyone would love to receive some comfy slippers stuffed with awesome treats.  Some  “stuffing” ideas include gift cards, socks, candy, lip balm, coffee, candles, and more.

These are just some ideas for you, but there are so many little goodies you could fill the slippers up with! Anything stocking stuffer size should be able to fit nicely into the slippers.

What I love about this holiday slippers gift basket idea is you can give it to a wide variety of people: family, friends, coworkers, teenagers, teachers, etc.

This is such a fun idea that I could see being a huge hit at a white elephant gift exchange.

Everyone would be stealing this one!

Comment below and let me know how you liked these Christmas slippers gift idea.  Also, I’d love to hear if you have any other ideas for what you could put in the slippers!

Best Holiday Gift Idea: Goodie Filled Slippers

Nothing is better than receiving some comfy slippers filled with your favorite things!! These make a perfect customizable gift that you can really tailor to your recipient’s taste.

Don’t forget to tie a festive bow around it!

1. Gift Card & Treat Filled Slippers Christmas Gift

Perfect Gift For: Anyone.  Really, who would love to get gift cards, lip balm, and candy?

Those are all pretty safe bets, even if you don’t know the person very well.

For the sugar hand scrub, I would say you would want to know the person’s scent preference or maybe go with hand lotion because some people don’t use scrubs.

Helpful Tidbit: I tied a dollar store ribbon around the slippers and attached an ornament on top.  I like to get toppers and ribbon at the dollar store because it’s so cheap, that way I have more money to spend on the actual present.


  • Hershey’s Chocolate Candy Cane Bar
  • Target Gift Card
  • EOS Peppermint Lip Balm (It came in a two-pack.)
  • Sugar Hand Scrub
  • Socks

Need slipper recommendations?

I get asked a lot where you can purchase the slippers pictured. Originally I bought them at Target a couple of years ago and they don’t see them in stock anymore. 

To help you out I included some slipper recommendations below. At the end of this post, you’ll find even more recommendations for slippers and goodies to put in them. 

All these slippers are available in multiple colors.

SHOP HERE on Amazon

SHOP HERE on Amazon

SHOP HERE on Amazon

2. Wine & Chocolate DIY Slipper Gift Set

Grey slippers filled with wine and chocolate gift

Perfect Gift For Anyone who loves wine and chocolate (raises hand hehe).

Helpful Tidbit: Recipient doesn’t drink wine? You could put a small bottle of soda or other non-alcoholic drinks in the slippers as well.


  • Mini bottle of rosé wine
  • Chocolate Bar

By the way, if your recipient loves rosé, I made an entire DIY rosé wine themed gift basket they’ll love.

3. Coffee, Candy & Lip Balm Slippers

Slippers filled with candy, lip balm and coffee wrapped in a bow

Perfect Gift For: Caffeine addicts who have a Keurig.  By the way, you could also stash some hot chocolate or tea K-Cups in there as well.

Helpful Tidbit: If you’re doing multiple slipper gifts, buy just one box of K-cups and divide them up.  This makes it pretty cost-efficient.


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4. Relax & Get Comfy Slippers Gift Set Idea

Holiday slippers filled with matches, candly, candy, and hand scrub wrapped in bow with winter snowflake ornament

Perfect Gift For: Anyone who wants to unwind around the house.  They can eat chocolate in their slippers by candlelight.

Sounds good to me…

Helpful Tidbit: For bigger items like the candle, you’re not going to want to stuff them all the way into the slippers because it might stretch them out. Have those items stick out a bit.


  • Decorative Box of Matches
  • Candle (I got mine at the dollar store.)
  • Sugar Hand Scrub
  • Chocolate

Cute Gifts That Go With Slippers

Need more inspiration for what to stuff your slippers with? Below are similar items to what I used, plus more ideas.

Snowflake Fleece Slipper Socks

(Available in more colors & patterns.)

SHOP HERE on Amazon


(Available in more colors.)

SHOP HERE on Amazon

EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Winter Socks

(Available in more colors & patterns.)

SHOP HERE on Amazon

These come in a five pack which is great if you’re making multiple gifts or you can keep some for yourself!

Starbuck’s Holiday Blend

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Texting Gloves

(Available in more colors.)

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Mini Manicure Set

(Available in more colors.)

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Funny Wine Socks

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Aren’t these fun socks? They’re also have “bring me pizza”, “bring me chocolate” or “bring me chocolate”.

I ordered the coffee one for myself!

Amazon Gift Card With Gift Tag Sleeve

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Cable Knit Beanie & Touchscreen Gloves Set

(Available in more colors.)

SHOP HERE on Amazon

This set is such a great value. You could roll the beanie and stuff it into one slipper, then put the gloves in the other slipper.

Who wouldn’t want some cozy slippers, gloves, and beanie?

More Slipper Recommendations

All these slippers are available in multiple colors and/or patterns.

Soft Cable Knit Slippers

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Plush Memory Foam Slippers

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Micro Suede Slippers

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Mama Bear Slippers

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Memory Foam Fluffy Slippers

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Cozy Clog Slipper

SHOP HERE on Amazon

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Cable Knit Slippers

SHOP HERE on Amazon

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    1. Hi Becky. So sorry for replying late, I overlooked your comment. I bought the slippers last year at Target. I don’t see them on their website anymore but maybe they are still selling them in the store. Take care!

  1. Hi,
    The slippers look great with all the gifts and how you adorned them. My question is, how do you present it to the receiver?

    1. Hi Kathi. Great question. You could wrap them in cellophane like you would a gift basket. Another option is to just get a large enough bag or box and put the treat-filled slippers in it.

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