Gift basket filled with rose wine, napkins, bath salts, chocolate, and wine tumbler

Cute DIY Rosé Wine Gift Basket Idea For Women

Looking for the perfect wine lovers gift? This DIY rosé wine gift basket idea is adorable!

What I love about this basket is it’s so versatile, you can gift it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, as a hostess or housewarming gift and any occasion.

Because doesn’t everyone want to have rosé all day?? I know I sure do:)

Rosé Wine Gift Basket Theme

Since rosé is pink, I tried to stick to a rose gold color theme for the entire basket.  When you’re making your handmade gift basket, you could pick another color theme if you’d like.

You could offset the pink rosé shade with purple items in your basket or even a light grey would be pretty.

For the overall theme of the basket, I went the more relaxing and pampering route.  This basket contains a handy wine tumbler, Himalayan bath salts, chocolate, cute napkins, and of course a mini bottle of rosé wine.

The idea behind the gift box was the recipient would be sipping rosé in an awesome wine tumbler while eating chocolate and unwinding in the bath.  Sounds good to me!

Rosé DIY Gift Basket Idea

This is one of the cutest wine gift baskets I’ve seen! What do you think?  Comment at the end of this post!

DIY Gift basket filled with rose wine, napkins, chocolate, bath salt and napkins, grey background

So, without further ado, let me get to the contents in a little bit more detail for you so you can make your own rosé all day gift basket!!


What’s inside the rosé wine lovers gift basket:

Wine Tumbler

Find it on Amazon here.

These wine tumblers are fabulous for keeping your drink cold for a long time. I love these tumblers because they are so portable, verses a wine glass.

You know it won’t break if you’re taking it with you poolside, outside, in the bath, etc.  No one wants broken glass everywhere.

I chose the rose gold color for my basket, but as you can see it comes in many colors. You could pick the recipient’s favorite color as well.

Rosé All Day Napkins

Find it on Amazon here.

These napkins in my opinion just make the basket because of their cute saying.

Bath Salts – Best Gifts For Women!

Pink bath salts in a jar with gold lid

Find it at Cost Plus World Market here.

This jar of Himalayan bath salt smells so good because of the rose and jasmine oils. If your recipient isn’t a huge floral fan, include a scent they love instead.

If you don’t know their favorite scent, go with something unscented to be safe.

Mini Rosé Wine & Chocolate

For the mini bottle of rosé, I bought Le Grand Courtage Brut Rosé at Cost Plus World Market.  Cost Plus doesn’t sell it online, but you can find small bottles of rosé in so many places.

My favorite places are Cost Plus World Market (they had a pretty good selection), Target and BevMo.

Have a favorite rosé??  Comment at the end of this post, I would love to try it! 🍷

For the chocolate, I went with Chocolove Ruby Cacao Bar.  I tasted it and it had a nice berry flavor, plus it was pink so it looked great in the basket!

Again, I purchased at Cost Plus, but they don’t sell it online.  Any chocolate bar would be awesome in this gift basket. There are so many brands and types to choose from, you’ll probably have a hard time deciding.

Gift Basket Kit

Gift basket with rafia inside and gift tag and plastic in the front

Find it at Cost Plus World Market here.

This basket was a cinch to put together. Mainly because the gift basket I found came as a kit.  It contained shredded raffia to stuff the basket with, gift tag and plastic bag to wrap it up.

Another bonus is this basket can be reused again by your recipient. So many times the baskets you end up getting in a gift basket are junk, but I love this one! It would be so cute to hold things around the house.

How To Build a Basket

One trick to make great gift baskets every time is to add extra stuffing (tissue paper, shredded paper, or whatever you use) towards the back row of the basket.

This makes it easier to see the items that are in the back, you don’t want them to get blocked by whatever you put in front of them.

Another tip is to put an odd number of items in the basket. Don’t ask me why but an odd number of items is just more visually interesting.

There is a definite theme to this basket and I would say that is the key to making an awesome DIY gift basket.

It’s also great because if you know the recipient is into rosé wine, there’s a good chance they’re going to like the entire gift basket!

The same thing goes for any other themed gift basket.

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