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5 Crazy Cheap Christmas Gift Baskets From the Dollar Store Under $10

Everyone loves a good gift basket, but truth be told they can get pretty pricey.  That’s why I wanted to share with you guys these cheap Christmas gift baskets I whipped up in the hopes that you can save some money this holiday season!

Now all the contents, baskets, and decorating essentials were all purchased at the Dollar Store…Dollar Tree to be exact.

The key to these cheap Christmas gifts is to tailor each basket to the taste of the receiver. Think about their favorite colors, scents, foods, hobbies, etc.

Those are the best gifts of all when people try to buy for you, not necessarily with their tastes in mind. You really hit a gift out of the park when you take note of the little things the recipient loves.


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Cheap Christmas Gifts

These cheap Christmas gift ideas from the Dollar Store are perfect for just about anyone on your list. If you have someone on your list who loves to be cozy during the holidays, has a car, gardens, bakes or enjoys a little pampering, then you’ll be all set!

These Christmas gift baskets are not only super cute and easy to assemble, but they are all under $10!!

Take a look at these Christmas gift baskets from the Dollar Tree below and let me know which ones you’re planning on giving this year! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Dollar Store Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Update: I’ve added some awesome gift ideas from Amazon under $15 within and at the end of this post.  I just thought you might want some more inexpensive gift options! 

1. Oh Cozy Night Gift Basket

Cheap Christmas GiftaWhat’s inside:

  • Cinnamon tea packets (You could use their favorite tea or hot cocoa.)
  • Oversized Mug
  • 2 pairs of cozy socks
  • Cookie cutter (mainly for decoration)


This little wire basket is from the Dollar Tree of course.  I tied some bells on it, and placed a bell inside as well for decoration.  I put some beaded garland in the bottom of the basket for a little sparkle, but you could also just line the bottom with tissue paper.

This Tea Variety Box is also a perfect gift for a tea lover!

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2. Christmas Green Thumb Gift Basket

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

  • Seeds (each a dollar, not sold in a pack)
  • Gardening gloves
  • Shovel
  • Little Succulent with a bow ornament wrapped around it
  • Pot


  • To dress up this plain terracotta pot, I placed it in this little wreath I found at the Dollar Store.  You don’t have to do this, I just thought it made it a little more holiday like. You could also paint the pot or tie a festive ribbon around it.

Cute Idea: Succulent Plant Pots

These adorable plant pots are sold in a pack of three, so you could either give one person all three or make three gifts out of them.

Go to the Dollar Store or Walmart and find some cheap succulents to plant in them.  So cute!

3. At The Car Wash Holiday BasketCheap Christmas Baskets

What’s inside:

  • Car upholstery cleaner
  • Car window cleaner
  • ArmorAll tire foam (Always love when the Dollar Tree has a brand name.)
  • Microfiber cleaning towels
  • Cute red Santa belt bin
  • 2 candy canes (optional hehe)


  • You may have noticed there is no car washing soap in this basket lol.  For some reason my Dollar Tree was out, but don’t forget to include this!
This Armor All Car Care Kit is amazing as well!

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4. Have Yourself A Very Merry Spa Day Gift Idea

Christmas Gifts

What’s inside:

  • Lavender bubble bath
  • Bath salts
  • 3 bath bombs(they came in a pack of 3)
  • Bath sponge
  • Cozy socks


  • To make this wire basket more festive I wrapped a gold piece of ribbon around it and taped it in the back.  I tied some bells on the side and added one on top of the bath bomb. Oh and I had some silver glitter ribbon which I wrapped around the top of the bath salts for a little sparkle.

Too busy to put a gift basket together?? 

This Hand Repair Set is an awesome inexpensive gift! 

5. Baking Up Some Christmas Cheer Cheap Gift

Cheap Christmas Gifts Dollar Store

Cheap Holiday Gifts Dollar Store

  • What’s inside:
    • Holiday oven mitt
    • 2 holiday pot holders (they came in a two pack)
    • Betty Crocker measuring spoons
    • Betty Crocker spatula
    • “Wrapped” in two cookie sheets
    • Cookie Cutters tied on top (I think these came in a four pack.)


    • While this may not be a basket, it’s close enough in my book. I decided I needed a clever way to wrap these baking goodies.
    • I used the two cookie sheets as my “box”.  Place a cookie sheet upside down on top of  your cookie sheet filled with all the contents. You want to make sure everything is pretty flat and nothing sticks up too much or your cookie sheets won’t fit together. Then I finished it off by securing everything with a ribbon and tying a couple cookie cutters on the top.  Cute, right?
    • You could also give this gift with some cookie mix or baking ingredients as well.

Any baker would love to receive these Measuring Cups & Spoons Combo Set!

Bonus Gift Ideas From Amazon Under $15

(If you see a *, it is available in other colors.)

Bath Bomb Gift Set

Fleece Lined Socks*

Wine Tumbler Cup

Touchscreen Texting Gloves*

Cell Phone Holder

Prisma Picture Frame*

Silk Eye Mask

Snowflake Fleece Lined Socks*

Burt’s Bee’s Essentials Gift Set

Buffalo Plaid Dish Towels (Set of 3)*

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Hope you enjoyed these

cheap gift baskets from the Dollar Store!

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