DIY Halloween Wreath

DIY Halloween Wreath – Fall & Farmhouse Decor

If you’re feeling a little crafty and looking to save money, making a DIY Halloween wreath is such a fun project!  Premade wreaths can get really expensive, that’s why I love making my own!  Plus, it just gets me in the fall mood to create some cute Halloween decor! I usually do my fall project drinking a pumpkin latte…I know so cliche lol.

This year I’ve been sticking to a kind of rustic and farmhouse theme, and I actually used the same hydrangeas and ribbons in this Halloween arrangement.

I love the black hydrangeas against the white wreath, don’t you?  I finished off the wreath with some sweet plaid ribbon…in Halloween colors of course!  This wreath doesn’t scream Halloween, but it’s subtle and that’s what I was going for!

When you make your wreath you could vary it up to your taste.  Experiment with mixing different hydrangea colors or different ribbon. Orange hydrangeas are great because you can use them again for your Thanksgiving wreath.  This wreath is very versatile and can be changed up easily! Aren’t making Halloween decorations fun?

DIY Halloween Wreath

This grapevine wreath was already painted white (even better if I don’t have to use spray paint). What I like about using this white wreath is when it comes Christmas time, I will reuse this wreath and add different ribbon and accents (I’ll of course post it on here).  This can help you save a lot of money, as well as not have to store a ton of wreaths!

In fact this wreath was in the Christmas section and wasn’t on sale yet, but I used a coupon. My favorite craft stores, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s almost always have coupons on full price items online that you can print out or show them on your phone.  I typically never pay full price at these places!

The key to being able to reuse the same wreath and adding different accents is not making the flowers and ribbons difficult to remove.  I don’t use hot glue or wire to keep anything in place.

Close up of my DIY Fall Wreath:

I cut the hydrangea stems down anywhere from 3-6 inches, although I only cut the stems down to six inches if I want to reuse them in a floral arrangement.  I then just stick them in my wreath and they stay in place pretty well.

If you opt to keep your hydrangeas a little longer, you will just weave the stem into the back of the wreath.  I also remove the leaves from the hydrangeas so I can position them where I want them.  The leaves can sometimes be a little tricky and you will really want to try to tuck them under the wreath branches.

For the ribbon, I simply made the bow without any wire at all. There are lots of great tutorials on Pinterest on how to make bows.  If fancy bows aren’t your thing, a basic bow is really cute as well!

Let me know how you liked this Halloween wreath in the comments below or if you have any questions!

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