Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

8 Cozy DIY Fall Decor Ideas For The Home

These easy Thanksgiving decorations ideas are going to remind you why you love fall so much!  One of the best things about autumn is the fall decor.

And the pumpkin lattes…we can’t forget about those now, can we?

From adding cozy touches around your house to pumpkin accents, these Thanksgiving decor ideas will help get you in the fall spirit! You can create a cozy fall ambiance in your home without hardly any effort at all!

Check out these fall decorations and let me know how you liked them!  How do you decorate your home for Thanksgiving?


DIY Fall Decor Ideas For The Home

1. Use natural elements to make the most inexpensive Thanksgiving table decorations.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations Ideas
Fall Decor Ideas

We always think to set a gorgeous Thanksgiving table we have to spend a lot of money buying fancy decorations.  Sometimes simple and natural decor is just as stunning.

Have a little fun creating your Thanksgiving table inspired by natural fall beauty. Use things like pumpkins, gourds, acorns, leaves, fall toned flowers, corn, squash or anything else that reminds you of fall.

Take a nice fall walk and pick up all the essentials to make your beautiful Thanksgiving table, like the examples shown below.

2. These DIY fabric covered pumpkins will add a bit of fall flair to any coffee table!

Fabric Covered Pumpkins DIY

You’ve probably seen these cute fabric pumpkins in stores, but why not make your own?  That way you can definitely pick a fabric that will match the color scheme of your house.

This fabric-covered pumpkin tutorial is a must-try for sure!

Keep in mind you don’t have to stick with solid fabric.  Plaid or any fall print would be darling as well!


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Decor

3. The easiest way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving is by adding some fall pillows to the mix!


Swap out a few of your year around pillows for some fall pillows, this will make your home feel so festive on Thanksgiving! If you’re going to do one thing on this list, do this one just because it’s super easy! With hardly any effort you can make your room feel like fall instantly.

I love using pillow covers because I don’t have much room to store fall pillows and many times they are cheaper than buying pillows. Then I can switch up my pillows for all different holidays!

Here are a few cute fall throw pillow covers I found for you guys.  Just click on the image for more information.

4. Make a creative Thanksgiving floral centerpiece using a pumpkin vase.

This Thanksgiving decoration idea is beyond pretty.  Such a fun DIY fall centerpiece that is fairly inexpensive to make as well!

The fall florals really pop in this pumpkin arrangement below, don’t you think?  Here are some easy directions to make a cute pumpkin arrangement!

Thanksgiving Decor Centerpiece

You aren’t limited to using flowers, plants work as well.  Love these succulent pumpkins!

Thanksgiving Decoration Idea

For this DIY, you don’t actually have to hollow out the pumpkin, which makes everything a whole lot easier!

There are many ways to do this, but I like this easy video below from Garden Answer on YouTube.  Take a look!

5. If you like the minimalist look, use pops of fall colors to decorate for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

For more subtle and minimalistic fall decorations, add little pops of autumn color to your decor.  These cotton stems also add to the harvest vibe without being over the top.  Perfect for all you minimalist gals out there who want to get your houses ready for Thanksgiving!

6. Drape a plaid fall blanket over your chair or couch to add instant coziness!

My favorite types of decorations are functional and beautiful. When I think of plaid I always think fall or winter and I love adding this print to my decor.  You can get that trendy plaid look without buying an entire plaid couch (yay!)!

These blankets below not only will keep you warm and cozy, but they add a touch of fall charm to your living area as well!

Below are some awesome plaid blankets I found from Amazon for you guys.  Just click on the picture for all the details.

7. Easily add some fall style to your hurricane candle holders by filling them up with fall items.

Thanksgiving Fall Decorations

These festive filled hurricanes would look gorgeous around your home or on your Thanksgiving table.

I’ve also seen these filled with corn kernels and other fall goodies. If you’re putting them on your Thanksgiving table, just be sure not to use really high hurricanes or your guests won’t be able to see each other.

8. For instant fall sparkle, this glitter pumpkin DIY is so easy and fun!

If you want to add a little sparkle to your Thanksgiving table or around your home, these glitter pumpkins are for you!  You can, of course, buy glitter pumpkins in a variety of stores.  One of my favorite places to buy glitter pumpkins on the cheap is at the Dollar Store…no one will ever know!

But, if you’re feeling a little crafty, why not make your own? Check out my Sparkly Glitter Pumpkins Tutorial here!  You can never have too much glitter!

Cheap Thanksgiving Decorations

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