List of Halloween Movies

31 Days of Halloween Movies – Best Halloween Movie List!!

This is the best list of Halloween movies you’re going to find anywhere! I’ve compiled 31 frightening flicks to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire month of October.

Don’t worry though, if you can’t take any more scares, there’s also a couple of hilarious comedies on this fantastic Halloween movie list. So turn the lights off if you dare, grab your favorite movie snacks and enjoy the best Halloween movies of all time!

List of Halloween Movies

1. The Thing (1982, R)

A group of scientists encounter a shape shifting creature in a remote research station in Antarctica.

2. Halloween (1978, R)

The original slasher flick, this truly is a halloween classic.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984, R)

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you….

4. Friday the 13th (1980, R)

A group of counselors set up camp in beautiful Crystal Lake, but the lake has a dark secret!

5. Psycho (1960, R)

If you need a place to stay for the night, don’t check into the Bates Motel. This masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock is the father of all horror movies.

6. Night of the Living Dead (1968, R)

The original zombie flick that spawned a whole genre of movies.

7. Scream (1996, R)

Follow the rules of horror movies, and you just might survive this classic from director Wes Craven.

8. Poltergeist (1982, PG)

Ghosts communicate with a California family in this classic produced by Steven Spielberg.

9. The Exorcist (1973, R)

A young girl is possessed by the devil in this classic.

10. The Shining (1980, R)

Jack Nicholson gives an epic performance as a father and husband who descends into madness while taking on the duty of winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel.

11. Dracula (1931, unrated)

He never drinks….wine! Enjoy this classic Hollywood monster movie.

12. Misery (1990, R)

A best selling author crashes his car in a snowstorm and is taken in by his # 1 fan…

13. The Others (2001, PG-13)

A family moves into a a new home in the English countryside, but they may not be alone in the house.

14. Tremors (1990, PG-13)

Giant worms terrorize a small Nevada community. Your next step could be your last!

15. Sean of the Dead (2004, R)

A classic halloween zombie comedy (and my favorite). Can the hapless Sean save his family and friends from certain doom?

16. Zombieland (2009, R)

Another great halloween zombie laugh-fest with Woody Harrelson, Jessie Eisenberg, and a cameo from Bill Murray.

17. Frankenstein (1931, unrated)

A wonderful classic Hollywood monster movie, starring the great Boris Karloff.

18. Alien (1979, R)

A crew encounters terrifying creatures in deep space!

19. The Birds (1963, PG-13)

San Francisco is terrorized by birds in this classic from Alfred Hitchcock.

20. Carrie (1976, R)

A bullied teen discovers she has supernatural powers. This will be a prom night no one will forget…if they live to tell about it.

21. Jeepers Creepers (2001, R)

Two college students encounter a monster while driving home from school.  Will they make it home or will the creeper get them?

22. The Wolfman (1941, unrated)

Another classic from the golden era of Hollywood.

23. The Craft (1996, R)

A teen makes friends with a group of witches, and realizes she has more power than all of them.

24. The Omen (1976, R)

A couple adopts a child, but the child just may be the son of the devil.

25. The Sixth Sense (1999, PG-13)

I see dead people…enough said!

26. I Know What You Did Last Summer ( 1997, R)

When a group of teens commit a hit and run after graduating high school, they think they got away with it but somebody knows what they did.

27. 28 Days Later (2002, R)

A man wakes up in a hospital and discovers his hometown of London is deserted, except for zombies.

28. Child’s Play (1988, R)

A child brings home a doll that is supposed to be his new best friend, but it doesn’t quite work out that way.

29. Sleepy Hollow (1999, R)

Ichabod Crane must protect the town of Sleepy Hollow from the dreaded headless horseman.

30. Candyman (1992, R)

Say his name five times while looking into a mirror, and he shall appear!

31. Nosferatu (1922, unrated)

A classic from the silent film era, truly a masterpiece you will love.

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