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10 Dollar Tree Camping Hacks That Are Pure Genius

Not only will these Dollar Tree camping hacks save you money, but they’ll make your life easier.

10 Dollar Tree Camping Hacks That Are Pure Genius

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People on Reddit are sharing their best camping hacks using Dollar Tree items that every camper needs to know.

You will want to try at least a couple of these Dollar Tree hacks on your next camping adventure.

Dishwashing Station

A person washing a dish at a campsite.
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“Buy a dish bin, sponges, dish towel, and watcher pitcher. For about $5 you have a dishwashing site right at your camp.”


Solar Lights

Solar lights at a campsite.
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“Solar lights – I use these to mark tent guy lines, tripping hazards, and generally give some low light around camp and at home.”


Cut Up Yoga Mats Around Campsite

Yoga mat at a campsite.
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“Cheap yoga mats – I have one that serves as the “entry mat” to the tent, and because it’s nice and long it leaves room to kick your shoes off outside.”

They also mentioned, “I have a couple I cut down to more like a bath-mat size, which tend to get used in various places around the campsite for standing or sitting with shoes off.”


This is a cost-saving idea because you get so many campsite mats from just one dollar store yoga mat.

They’re going to get dirty anyway so why spend more money?

Hanging Shoe Organizer For Kitchen Supplies

Hanging shoe organizer.
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“Those cheap hanging shoe / jewelry organizers are great for organizing kitchen supplies and hanging on your pop up.”


You could also hang the shoe organizer on a tree at your campsite.

Kid-Friendly Activity Box

A kid at a campsite.
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“I have a bin full of small toys, footballs, badminton birdies, coloring books, matchbox cars, etc. They kids aren’t really able to say they are bored with a box full of fun right there.”


Pie Tins As Plates

Pie pan on a white background.
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“They sell some round pie tins that make for really useful, hard to break, durable plates. You can also use them to make “tin foil” meals with a bit more stability.”


Glowstick Lighting

Colorful glow sticks against a dark background.
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“Glow sticks for lighting inside the tent.”


This is especially a great hack if you have kids who are used to sleeping with a nightlight or are scared of the dark.

The glowsticks provide just enough light to keep the kids happy but not keep anyone awake.

Pencil Case For Cultry Storage

Pencil case on a white background.
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“Cheap pencil cases – the zippered pouch type (especially if they’re clear plastic) for small things like cutlery, cables, etc.”


Shammy Towels

Yellow shammy cloths on a white background.
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“I used to use the shamwow towels as my main towel while backpacking.”


Shammys aren’t just for cleaning cars, there are a ton of uses for them around the campsite such as drying dishes, dusting off chairs, and more.

They’re also great to dry your face or as the Reddit user mentioned stash in your backpack if you’re hiking around the campsite.

Laundry Bag Drying Rack

Laundry bag on a white background.
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“Instead of a dish mat, I use a mesh laundry bag as a drying rack that I can hang from a tree branch.”


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