Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

Keto Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms – Easy Snack or Appetizer Idea!


Two of my favorite keto foods are mushrooms and bacon, so combing the two was a no brainer to make these bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms.  Not only wrapped in bacon but also stuffed with a cream cheese and chive filling that is so rich and creamy, you’ll forget that you’re even on a diet.

Now, first of all these are super easy to make, and require very few ingredients, which is a huge plus.  This versatile dish will make a hearty keto breakfast, a delicious ketogenic snack, or a crowd pleasing appetizer.

The ultimate bacon mushroom appetizer!Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

In fact this will become your go to starter when you are entertaining guests or need something quick to take to a party. I’ve taken this to so many parties and even the people who have never heard the word keto couldn’t stop eating these.

Once you try these you wont be able to get enough.  Be sure to check out the recipe below and let me know how they turned out for you.

Keto Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

This recipe is for ten mushrooms.  I like to use medium sized mushrooms approximately two inches across because it’s easier to wrap the bacon around it. I also like to cook these in a frying pan on the stovetop as opposed to baking them.

If you want to use a different size of mushroom, just know you’ll need to adjust the amounts of the other ingredients. If you need to make more for a big party or if you’re just making a couple for yourself as a snack, then obviously make adjustments as needed.

You can’t really mess up this recipe, so it’s really more about making sure you don’t run out of anything or don’t have unused filling left over.

I use garlic powder, but again you can customize this to your liking.  You can use different spices, or omit it entirely, it’s totally up to you.Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms


Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms


  • 10 Medium sized portobello mushrooms Roughly two inches across
  • 4 oz. Cream cheese
  • 10 Strips of bacon
  • 6 Chives
  • 1/4 tsp Garlic powder


  • Get your pan ready on your stovetop by setting it to medium heat and take your cream cheese out of the refrigerator so it can soften.
  • Wash your mushrooms and remove the stems. You can pull them out by hand and once removed your mushrooms should look like little bowls.
  • Place your mushrooms and bacon in the pan. Cooking the mushrooms in the bacon grease is my secret to making them extra flavorful.  If you need to cook them separate be sure to use a little olive oil or butter on your mushrooms. They should take about 10-15 minutes depending on your stovetop.
  • While that cooks you can prepare your stuffing.  Start by washing and chopping your chives.  In a bowl mix the cream cheese and chives together then sprinkle in your garlic powder and stir.
  • Once cooked place your mushrooms on a plate and use a spoon to stuff your cream cheese mixture into the underside of the mushroom, right into that little bowl.
  • Once stuffed, wrap a single slice of bacon around each mushroom. Secure with a toothpick as needed to keep everything together, although I did not need to do this step.  You may have to do this depending on the size of the mushroom.

Hope you enjoyed this low carb appetizer with bacon!!

Let me know how it turned out in the comments below!

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    1. Hi,I like to cook these in a frying pan on the stovetop on medium heat. I cook the bacon and mushrooms together but you don’t have to, it’s just my preference. Let me know how they turn out.

    1. The mushroom and bacon was so warm, it kind of warmed up the cream cheese a bit (it wasn’t really warm though). Just my personal preference, I don’t usually warm the cream cheese as much as it gets kind of runny, but you could put them in the oven for 5 minutes if you want the cheese melted. Let me know how they turned out!

    1. Hi Toni. Because of time constraints and accuracy, I actually don’t calculate nutritional information at this time. I recommend using the My Fitness Pal or the My Carb Manager App. I love My Carb Manager because it calculates net carbs. Thanks for understanding & have a great night. 🙂

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