Make Ahead Keto Meals To Meal Prep For The Week

30 Keto Freezer Meals To Make Ahead That Are Seriously Easy

Life can get a little crazy sometimes, especially when you’re trying to stay on a diet.  These keto make ahead meals are going to make your life so much easier!

If you want convenient dinners, then keto freezer meals are definitely the way to go. You’re going to love all these make ahead keto meals!

Imagine prepping days or weeks of keto recipes ahead of time and freezing them.  Grab your keto dinner out of the freezer and pop it in the oven, it’s really that easy!

Before I get to the keto make ahead freezer meals, I want to share some helpful tips with you guys.

Make Ahead Keto Meals – Helpful Tips

Tip #1 It’s really important you read and follow all the recipe directions closely. 

You’ll find that some keto diet make ahead meals instruct you to cook the recipe, then freeze.  For other recipes, you assemble everything first and freeze without cooking.

Following directions will ensure you get the yummiest meal and don’t waste any ingredients.


Tip #2 Make sure when you’re planning out your meals you have enough variety.

It’s tempting to cook a double batch of a freezer meal on this list and have it for dinner all week.

While this may work for some people, doing this may lead to you getting bored fast on your keto diet.

This eCookbook bundle has 120 delicious keto recipes that have only five ingredients and five net carbs.

Having so many easy keto recipes on hand that you can make in a pinch will guarantee you’ll never get bored and will see the weight loss results you want.

Tip #3 Prepare a couple (or more) freezer meals at a time.

If you’re already in the kitchen prepping one freezer meal, why not prep a couple more?

Set aside time every week to batch-cook a few meals.  You could have all your keto meals for a week covered in one meal prep session!

Now, if you’re new to meal prepping, making a week’s worth of meals might be a little overwhelming.  If you’re a keto meal prep newbie, maybe just make one to two meals at a time.

Tip #4 Having some great freezer meal supplies on hand will make your meal prep a breeze. 

Easy Keto Meal Prep Essentials

Below you’ll find my top picks for freezer meal supplies.  I don’t know how I would meal prep for the week without these items!

Disposable Foil Pans & Lids

BUY HERE on Amazon

These are great for prepping enchiladas, casseroles, or anything that you want to pop into the oven.

For meals that have a ton of sauce or marinade, I recommend storing in freezer bags rather than these containers (more on that later).

What I love about these pans is there is virtually no cleanup.  If you hate scrubbing pans, this is the way to go. Another bonus is your glass casserole dishes are not tied up in the freezer.

Storing your freezer meals for awhile?

I recommend wrapping some plastic wrap or foil around the pan in addition to the top to prevent freezer burn.

Ziploc Gallon Freezer Bags

The best way to store soups or meals with a lot of liquid and marinade is in freezer bags. Prepping your meals in freezer bags is awesome because it is such a space saver.

Don’t forget to label your bags to keep everything organized!

BUY HERE on Amazon

Plastic Bag Holders

OMG, this is the best invention ever!  If it’s hard for you to put ingredients into your freezer bag without spilling, you will be so thankful for this product.

This clever little contraption keeps your bag open, freeing up both hands to pour your ingredients in.  I love these and no longer have to rely on my husband to help me hold bags open!

SHOP HERE on Amazon

Tip #4 Don’t forget to label your freezer meals, this one’s important! 

Make sure you have some permanent markers handy to label all your meals. You probably know already to label your meals with what they are and the date you prepped it.

But, I’m going to share with you a couple of my labeling tips that are super helpful.

  • Write the cooking directions out as well.  For example, “Bake 40 minutes at 400°.”  I do this because so many times I would prep a meal, then when it came time to cook it would have to pull up the recipe again. In some cases, I couldn’t find the recipe lol.  Save yourself some time and headaches and jot down the cooking directions.
  • Label them with the serving size and net carbs or carbs.  Again, this will save you from having to pull up the recipe.

Tip #5 Make these recipes work for you.

Don’t love a certain ingredient?  That’s okay.

You don’t have to write off an entire meal just because of an ingredient or two.

Make a few tweaks here and there to cater the meal to your taste.  Now I wouldn’t alter the recipe a lot, but little things like substituting mushrooms for olives should be just fine.

Tip #6 Have someone meal prep with you (if possible).

This one, of course, may not apply to everyone but still wanted to mention it. Meal prepping goes so much faster with a little bit of help.  If possible, enlist someone else to help you.

Have your significant other, family member, roommate, or children (if old enough) help you prep ingredients. Turn on some music and prep all your meals together, who knows it might be fun!

Keto Freezer Meals

These make ahead keto dinner recipes are perfect for busy weeknights.  From freezable keto soups to easy keto casseroles and chicken dishes, you’ll be sure to find some easy make ahead low carb meals everyone will love.

If you’re a really busy person on a keto diet, these make ahead keto meals to freeze are going to really save you time!

1. Warm Keto Taco Slaw

Easy keto make ahead meal in a white bowl garnished with avocados with tomatoes in the background

GET RECIPE from Peace, Love & Low Carb

5.6 Net Carbs Per Serving

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2. Make Ahead Keto Teriyaki Chicken

Keto chicken teriyaki served over broccoli in a square white dish with chopsticks

Get Recipe from Joy Filled Eats

5 Net Carbs Per Serving

3. Easy Low Carb Taco Pie

Get Recipe from All Day I Dream About Food

1.95 Net Carbs Per Serving

[convertkit form=766686]

4. Ketogenic Coconut Curry Chicken

Keto coconut chicken curry served on a white plate

Get Recipe from Wholesome Yum

6 Net Carbs Per Serving

5. Fajita Bowls With Cauliflower Rice (Easy keto meal prep recipe!)

Keto Fajita Bowls with cauliflower rice in black meal prep bowls topped with cilantro and lime

GET RECIPE from Kirbie’s Cravings

10 net carbs per serving

6. Keto Creamy Ranch Chicken Freezer Meal

Get Recipe from Real Balanced

3.6 Net Carbs Per Serving

7. Keto Sloppy Joes Stuffed Peppers

Keto Stuffed Peppers topped with cheese on a white plate

GET RECIPE from Low Carb Maven

7.6 Net Carbs Per Serving

8. Keto Diet Mini Chicken Pot Pies

Keto chicken pot pie on white plate with cooling rack of pot pies in background

Get Recipe from

6 Net Carbs Per Serving

These mini pot pies have a very small amount of carrots and peas. The net carbs of this dish are  still low enough that you could stay within your net carb goal for the day.

Some of you still eat things like this here and there as long as it fits into your carbs, so I still wanted to list this recipe.

If you stay away from all non-keto foods, I would recommend maybe leaving out these ingredients and/or making a substitution.  Mushrooms would be a pretty yummy replacement.

9. Ketogenic Bacon Covered Meatloaf

Get Recipe from Ditch the Carbs

1 Net Carb Per Serving


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10. Freezable Keto Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Low Carb make ahead pizza meal on a baking sheet

GET RECIPE from Low Carb Maven

6.56 Net Carbs Per Serving (For Crust Only)

When it comes to making pizza, making the crust is the most time-consuming part. Save yourself some time and premake your pizza crust!!

When a craving for pizza strikes, simply grab your frozen cauliflower crust out of the freezer and add sauce and toppings.  You’ll have a deliciously crispy thin crust keto pizza in no time!

11. Garlic Beef  Zucchini Noodles (Easy low carb meal prep!)

Garlic Beef over zucchini noodles in black meal prep containers

GET RECIPE from Kirbie’s Cravings

9 Net Carbs Per Serving

Quick Tip: These not only make great dinners but are great if you want some easy keto meal prep lunches for work as well!

12-17. 6 Keto Make Ahead Meals To Freeze

  • Crack Chicken
  • Ranch Chicken
  • Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Korean Barbecue Beef
  • Pot Roast

Get Recipes from Real Balanced

Freezable Keto Soups To Make Ahead

18. Low-Carb Loaded Cauliflower Soup

Keto cauliflower soup topped with cheese in a white bowl

Get Recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen

6.3 Net Carbs Per Serving

This is one of my favorite make ahead keto recipes that is freezer friendly!

19. Keto White Chicken Chili

Keto Chicken Chili topped with cheese in a white bowl

GET RECIPE from Hey Keto Mama

4 Net Carbs Per Serving

This keto chili has been pinned over 600,000 times on Pinterest and has tons of amazing reviews!

20. Keto Cabbage Roll Soup Recipe

Keto Cabbage Roll Make Ahead Freezer soup in white bowl with green napkin on side and spoon

GET RECIPE from Peace, Love and Low Carb

10.5 Net Carbs Per Serving

 Make Ahead Keto Casseroles

21. Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole

Keto Make ahead casserole on white plate with fork and blue napkin

Get Recipe from Joy Filled Eats

4 Net Carbs Per Serving

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 22. Keto Diet Cheeseburger Casserole

Cheeseburger Casserole in a casserole dish

GET RECIPE from Wholesome Yum

2 Net Carbs Per Serving

Quick Tip: Bulk keto meals means less trips to the grocery store!

Buy all your keto ingredients in bulk, then have meal prep day to prepare everything. 

23. Deconstructed Stuffed Cabbage Casserole

Cheesy Keto Casserole in a white casserole dish

Get Recipe from Kalyn’s Kitchen

6 Net Carbs Per Serving

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 24. Savory Italian Chicken Egg Bake

Keto Freezer Dinner served ona. white plate with casserole dish in background

Get Recipe from

2.35 Net Carbs Per Serving

25. Low Carb Shepherd’s Pie

Keto shepherd's pie with cauliflower mash

Get Recipe from Ditch the Carbs

8.6 Net Carbs Per Serving

 Low Carb Freezer Crockpot Meals

26. Keto Slow Cooker Chicken Bacon Chowder

Keto chicken bacon chowder in a red bowl

Get Recipe from Peace, Love and Low Carb

5.7 Net Carbs Per Serving

Note: Two people left comments on this recipe saying it freezes well. One person said that when she was reheating, she just added a little more cream.

27. Keto Crockpot Philly Cheese Steak

Get Recipe from stockpiling Moms

Net Carbs Not Listed

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28. Low Carb Slow Cooker Meatballs

Get Recipe from

Net Carbs Not Listed

29. Buffalo Ranch Chicken Keto Freezer Meal

Get Recipe from Stockpiling Moms

Net Carbs Not Listed

30. Keto Pulled Pork

Get Recipe from Real Simple Good Life

2 Net Carbs Per Serving

(To freeze, Erica recommends freezing this in the extra juice.)

Bonus Low Carb Make Ahead Meals To Meal Prep For The Week

This video I found from Jamerrill Stewart of Large Family Table walks you through making a bunch of keto freezer meals for the week!

She is like the freezer meal queen!

Here is the post where she gives you all the keto freezer recipes. 

I still recommend following along with her video though for some great tips, plus it feels like she’s in your kitchen chatting and cooking with you.

It’s a great video for keto meal prep beginners since she really guides you through everything step by step.

(By the way, all but three keto recipes are dairy-free, just in case you don’t do dairy.)

  • Low Carb Beef & Cheddar Cauliflower Bake
  • Keto Red Pepper Meatballs over Cauliflower Rice
  • Peppered Lemon Chicken
  • Low Carb Taco Soup
  • Low-Carb Broccoli Cheddar Soup
  • Keto Cheesy Cauliflower Soup
  • Italian Sausage and Peppers
  • Bake Lime & Cilantro Chicken

 More Easy Keto Meal Ideas & Recipes:

More Easy Freezer Meals (Not Keto Friendly)

Hope you liked these 

Make Ahead Keto Meals To Freeze!

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